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Interactive Digital Signage In Retail - How Ready Is Your Network?

Posted by Coffman Media on Oct 28, 2016 11:13:08 AM


Interactive digital signage in the retail space is a growing option.  Signagelive's Aferdita Qesku offers some insight about interactivity and omni-channel marketing in the below guest blog.  

Get your slice of the interactive retail digital signage pie with Signagelive’s cloud-based digital signage platform

2016 has shaped up to be the year of interactivity as far as the retail industry is concerned. Never have there been so many readily available technologies for retailers to tempt us into their stores to browse their latest collections and to engage with us once we’re inside.

Although the use of interactive technologies and associated content has not yet gone mainstream, as a retailer, if the concepts of interactivity and Omni-channel marketing are not on your marketing radar, you’re going to get left behind and loyal customer base will go elsewhere.

Smartphone Penetrationinteractive digital signage

So what’s driving interactivity? The smartphone basically; we use it for all aspects of our everyday lives, keeping in contact with family/friends/colleagues, checking Facebook, sending emails or messages, booking restaurants, online shopping, watching YouTube – the list is endless. Such is our dependence on them; we even expect instant access to more information from digital signage being used for promotional purposes in our favorite stores.

Smartphones also give us anywhere access to the Internet and subsequently, our purchasing habits. Retailers must take full advantage of this if they want to remain competitive because physical stores are becoming more and more like “car showrooms”, providing us with a “touchy-feely, try before you buy” experience before we buy online. If retailers remain complacent and fail to react to this trend, they will find there is a disengage between the instore and the online shopping experience they offer their loyal customers.

Digital signage is the perfect way to bridge that gap and, if it’s used in conjunction with mobile apps, beacons or other NFC technologies, it will provide your customers with a holistic customer experience across different media points they engage with before spending their hard-earnt cash.

Omni-channel Retail

Smart retailers are embracing interactive digital signage to deliver the Omni-channel experience consumers now expect because industry-related surveys consistently show that we are more likely to react to video footage played on a digital display than any other form of advertising.

Forward-thinking retailers understand that by displaying relevant and contextual content, shoppers are likely to remain in-store for longer periods of time. Furthermore, enabling them to engage and interact with that content using smartphones or touchscreen displays installed strategically throughout the store, is likely to result in spontaneous purchasing.

If their customers are not making “on the spot” decisions to buy, they are using interactive digital signage applications such as lift and learn, touchscreen services or location-based services (LBS), to reinforce marketing messages and build brand loyalty by discouraging them from shopping elsewhere.

Interactive Digital Signage Applications

So how can retailers incorporate contextual and responsive digital signage applications into their existing digital signage networks? Here are five possibilities:

Touchscreen services – allow your customers to easily navigate their way around different departments to find the items they’re looking for. When the displays are not being used, they offer a perfect opportunity for inter-departmental advertising to help ensure your customers arrive at the checkouts with fuller baskets.

Downloadable vouchers –  encourage passers-by to engage with in-window displays by including; QR codes or redeemable vouchers delivered by beacons in your digital marketing playlists.

Retail assistant – offer self-help facilities to customers who can’t make their minds up about which items to buy or don’t have time to wairetail digital signaget around for someone to help them. With more than 70% of purchases made at the point of decision, it’s a great way to influence your customers’ spending.

Lift and learn applications
 – a great way to let customers find out more about your best sellers or to compare different items before deciding which one to buy.

Point of Sale PoS services –  providing mini touchscreen displays at the checkout allows your customers to make last-minute purchases. Around a third of all spontaneous purchases are made at this point so making sure your digital signage network is compatible with PoS services will allow you to take full advantage of this.

All the above applications sound great but they’re expensive to deploy, involve large capital outlays and complicated to set up, aren’t they? Not so if you chose Signagelive as your digital signage technology supplier.

Signagelive – Digital Signage Software as a Service

Signagelive’s cloud-based digital signage platform (which includes full support for the latest web triggering and NFC technologies by the way), is enabling the large high street brands to take their static digital signage networks into the interactive world quickly, easily and cost effectively. Halfords, GameStopMaceysVodafone Hutchinson Australia and the Benu Pharmacy chain are just some examples of our happy customers.

The Signagelive platform, with System on chip (SoC) devices, removes the need for onsite media players and storage servers, resulting in huge cost savings compared to conventional digital signage systems. Signagelive is also device and system agnostic, so retailers can repurpose already deployed displays to deliver contextual and responsive digital signage services without needing a store refit or large CAPEX outlay.

Sign up for a free trial today and find out for yourself how Signagelive can enhance your in-store digital signage activities and Omni-channel marketing.

Our Guest Blogger

signagelive aferdita qeskuOur guest blogger today is our software partner, Signagelive.  Aferdita Qesku is responsible for the sales number and teams globally with Signagelive, working with distributors, resellers and end users to increase revenues and active licenses.

We would like to thank Aferdita for the significant applicable information provided in this blog regarding interactive retail digital signage.  

If you are interested in learning more about interactive retail digital signage or software as a service and how it can help your business, please contact us for a free consultation.

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