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30 Important Questions to Consider Before Installing Digital Displays

Posted by Jason Ault on Sep 29, 2015 9:00:00 AM

30 Questions to Consider Before Installing Digital DislaysThere are plenty of questions you will need answered before installing your digital display. To begin, you have to answer some questions on your own; and your digital signage company may be prepared to ask you these questions as well. You can use the questions listed as a guideline, as to where you would like to start with the use of your digital displays.


  1. Who

Who will be looking at the displays?

Is your display customer based?

Is it directed toward your employees?

Do you want to display content for a general audience or visitors?

Who will contribute to the signage?

Will you utilize spaces for consumers to advertise?

Who owns the display?

Who owns the content?

  1. What

What will your display be specifically used for?

What assets do you have to deploy?

Do you have website information?

Will you include video?

What information do you want to share?

What will the installation look like?

What size display would you consider using?

What resolution is required?

What kind of mount will you need to support the signage?

  1. When

When would you like to deploy your signage?

When do you want your slides to repeat?

How often will content be updated?

When do you want to offer advertising options (if chosen to include)?

  1. Where

Where will your digital signage be located?

Where will you look for additional content?

Where will you display your company logo?

  1. Why

Is your display for products or services?

Do you want to include current information and update consistently?

Will you include internal communications?

Do you want to sell?

Do you want to entertain?

Do you want to inform?


When this list of questions is answered, you will be able to proceed with your digital display and know exactly how and why you are using it. With a clear direction and focus, your plan will come together and represent your business beautifully.

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