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4 Digital Signage Applications to Consider

Posted by Jason Ault on Mar 31, 2015 9:00:00 AM

4 Digital Signage Applications to ConsiderWhen thinking about what you want your restaurant digital signage to do for your business, the choices can be limitless. So can the choices available for digital displays.  Here are four digital signage applications to consider: 

  • Day-parting
  • Brand Enhancing
  • Advertising
  • Showcasing 

Consider the benefits of day-parting with your digital menu board. No more needing multiple menus for multiple meals, like one for lunch and one for dinner, or bigger, costlier menus that include both meals. Then you also have the trouble of explaining to your hungry customers that you don’t have tuna melts on your dinner menu, which from the customers’ point of view is not going to endear your establishment to them. You can instead eliminate the cost of menus all together with the ability to switch between menus and schedule varying content throughout the day. If you are running short of an item, remove it from the digital sign in a flash and put it back when your stock is replenished. Price increase from your supplier? No problem. Change the price of your menu item on the fly! You can increase sales by having a more focused menu, and the dynamic content will be much more enticing than that flat picture of a burger and fries.  Dynamic displays make food more appealing; show that burger flaming on the grill. 

The National Restaurant Association projected that foodservice in the United States would be a $683.4 billion dollar industry in 2014. In fact, the restaurant industry is the second largest employer in the US (the government is the first). One great way to make sure that your brand is enhanced and memorable is with your digital message board. Run specials that other restaurants in the area don’t have. Display the story behind a special recipe. Consider a small video of food being prepared in your kitchen to assure your customers that their food is being handled with exceptional care in a clean kitchen. Digital media can increase both the quality and potential quantity of your brand messaging. Build brand awareness by providing your customers with a way to learn more about your food and services with this digital signage application. A display of positive reviews of your establishment on your board.

With a digital message board you can advertise your own in-house ads for specials and entertainment or other local community events, However you can also sell ad space to third party advertisers. If you are located in a business district consider partnering with a nearby business.  Cross-promotion can be quite lucrative, and media signage can be a simple, cost effective way to do that. If you serve beer and/or wine speak with a supplier.  Sometimes they will divert coop-advertising dollars to dynamic video showcasing them.

Finally, a great digital signage application is showcasing. Does your restaurant sponsor a local little league team? Consider running information about their current season in a crawl line. Does your chef have a specialty that can be showcased a week or two before the item will debut on your menu, giving customers a reason to come back? You can showcase social media feeds, trivia or even the weather. There are many ways to engage your customers either while they wait to order or while they eat.

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