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4 Digital Signage Content Ideas to Get You Started

Posted by Jason Ault on Mar 17, 2015 9:00:00 AM

4 Digital Signage Content Ideas to Get You StartedBefore you even determine the type and size of equipment you want or will need, you must first decide on the content, or message, you will be trying to convey. Content should play a key part in every digital media signage deployment. And if your restaurant digital signage is going to display more than just your menu, it is especially important to decide on that content before you decide on equipment.

There are four basic things to consider about content when starting your project: 

            •           Don’t skimp on design

            •           Integrate it

            •           Know your audience

            •           Keep it simple but make it pop 

Don't Skimp On Design

The investment in clean, clear digital signage content is more than worthwhile. You don’t want amateurish content to damage your brand! You have colors and fonts that, whether you know it or not, have come to be recognizable and associated with your logo or restaurant name. You want a layout that will best showcase your menu items. If you plan to use animation or run a live feed of the weather or news, you want that to compliment your menu offers, not make them difficult to read or find. Your digital signage menu boards should enhance your brand, not overpower it! 

Integrate It

If you were designing a new menu for your establishment, you would want to keep your existing design elements, such as colors, font and logo. That is also true with digital displays. However, you want the content to integrate all of those aspects seamlessly. In other words, you don’t want the digital display to look like it was just slapped together with no concern for the original concept of your design features. 

Know Your Audience

Will your menu board be mounted on the wall behind the counter for customers to consider? Will it be mounted in the dining room where customer can see it while they eat? Will it be in the front window for passers-by to see as they go about their daily activities? You must consider who will be looking at your boards in order to ensure that your content is relevant to those who will see it. Knowing your audience will help you decide if you will include a live feed, animated messages, or just a really nice layout of your menu items.

Keep it Simple but Make it Pop

Finally, it is possible to make your digital menu board simple while it pops at the same time. Other than your menu, any additional information should include a limited amount of text. This allows you to really maximize the impact. Sometimes the least amount of text gets the most amount of attention. Remember also that text that contrasts with its background always impacts viewers the most. For example, white on red, or white on navy blue, is easy to see and read while providing that “pop” off of the screen.  

So, as you can see, content is vitally important to your digital signage. Don’t ignore it. Don’t give it too little attention. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your menu blown up will do the job. Remember also that it is vital for your content to be designed to the resolution for the specific software you will be using.


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