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4 Ways You Can Improve Your Digital Signage Right Now

Posted by Jason Ault on Oct 1, 2015 9:00:00 AM

4 Ways You Can Improve Your Digital Signage Right NowAs we have seen, and blogged about before, digital signage is growing. It’s now almost everywhere you look. It is popular and yours needs to be prominent. How do we do this? Check out Digital Signage is Evolving: How to Keep Up With Your Customers or Why You Will Succeed With Digital Signage Engagement. If you already do everything mentioned in these posts, then great! That’s why I’m writing this post; because there’s even more that you could do to improve your signage.

Update Frequently

Not to undermine Huntington; their digital displays are unique and vibrant, but every time I have visited to cash a check, it has displayed the same image. It’s advertising their new and improved credit card, which is exactly what you should do with signage. They’re targeting their audience, introducing their offer and guiding them into how to apply for the credit card. It’s digital, but it’s static. It’s not as engaging as moving, changing slides. This post isn’t to point out what’s wrong, but to add to what you have already, and Huntington could definitely do this with their signs.

Color Scheme

It’s a great idea to use colors that match or are similar to your brand and logo. However, those colors all over your office, included on all of your paperwork, on your desks, business cards and your signage? It may be a little overkill. It may be time to introduce a new template with different colors. The goal here is to change the environment and to keep them enticed. Something different and sudden keeps the eyes shifting back to see more.

Reduce the Size of Your Logo

I know this isn’t a favorite. Your logo is definitely important and you should receive the attention you deserve. However, your giant logo on every slide is not needed. People will come to think of it as overbearing and obnoxious. Let the information you’re trying to get across be the most important part of the slide. They’ll do the digging to find out who provided the content.

Less is More

As your digital signage changes slides: the more text you include, the more difficult it is to read every single word per slide. This is why images are prevalent. They do what your text can’t always convey. The use of images in lieu of text is attention- grabbing and also reduces the frustration of not being able to digest all of the content.

Paying attention to your audience’s wants and needs are the ultimate goal. When you listen and watch what is happening with your content, you’ll understand what works and what doesn’t. Implementing these changes can make a world of a difference or none at all! It’s up to you and your client and experimenting with change is always best.

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