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5 Advantages of Digital Menus

Posted by Jason Ault on Mar 10, 2015 9:29:47 AM

5 Advantages of Digital MenusWhile there are many advantages to using Digital Menus, there are five that top our list in terms of either importance or necessity. We can add to this list as we go, if desired or needed. 

Update Menu Regulations 

First and foremost, there are many new laws being implemented, which mandate easily read displays of the nutritional value of your menu offerings. New local, state, federal and international menu board regulations- regarding the ingredients in your food items- (including calorie, fat, sodium and nutritional information) are not only being put into place, but continue to evolve. A digital menu gives you an easy way to abide by these laws, not only giving you the ability to display the necessary information next to each item, but the ability to quickly and easily amend that information as needed. 

Cost- Effective 

The ease and speed of menu changes for new items, pricing, sold-out items, and so forth, make these boards both cost- effective and green friendly!  Through manual control or automatically, you are able to maintain up-to-date pricing on your food selections. You are able to immediately remove an item that has been sold out for the day (or week). You can introduce a new item on a limited bases to test customer interest. All of this eliminates the need to reprint and ship static menus and specials.  With a digital menu, you’re able to save on the costs of regular reprinting, emergency reprinting and the delivery of menus. As this is done, there will even be less landfill generated. 

Quick Menu Changes 

With Digital Menus, you have the ability to day-part different menus based on the time of day and the day of the week. You can easily control running appropriate menus and promotions based on those criteria. If you plan to serve two or three meal options, like Breakfast and Lunch, Lunch and Dinner, or all three; a quick menu- board change can take place when it is time to switch the menu offerings.

Increased Sales

This brings us to our next advantage. These menu boards offer the opportunity for the up-sale!  Digital screens can display complimentary items based on orders entered in a point-of-sale system. And because the screen can give the customer a much clearer, cleaner look at the food compared to static images, the potential for increased sales is real. 


Finally, value-added content will enhance the customer experience while at the same time reduce the perceived wait times.  Add in some fun trivia. Display relevant information about upcoming local events.  Entertain guests and mix in your own specials, promotions or other branded content. You are able to give customers something to do while they wait or eat. Not only keeping them entertained, but potentially lifting sales and fostering repeat visits.

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