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5 Key Parts of a Digital Signage Project

Posted by Jason Ault on Oct 27, 2015 5:08:02 PM

5 Key Parts of a Digital Signage ProjectWhen implementing digital signage, there are best practices and additional steps to take in order for your project to be successful. The key parts of a digital signage project are as follows.1.Content

Determining a content plan is based more on your audience than your company. Many people attempt to do the opposite. While displaying your signage to be all about yourself seems like a great idea to promote your company and brand, it actually can come off as pushy and not very entertaining. The main starting goal is to capture attention. This requires excitement- maybe posing a question or an unknown fact. This could be entirely up to how you design the digital signage (which is mentioned next). With you content, you can truly show the benefits of working with your company without directly promoting. With this idea, including a call- to- action is the smartest way to track those who are viewing and are interested in your content. 

2. Design

As mentioned, the design of your digital signage is one of the first elements that your viewer notices. This is the part that initially attracts their attention. After that, they read the content and take any additional steps. The deployment and scale need to be considered, and also elements like weather, if implementing outdoor digital signage. The design will coincide with the purpose of the project. After creating goals, the design correlates with the goals to drive end results.

3. Hardware

Hardware will vary among projects. Hardware consists of the displays, mounts, stands, connection devices, etc. Determining the specific hardware will heavily rely on the digital signage company you choose to work with. They know and understand the guidelines in order to fully provide for the type of industry, while keeping costs reasonable.

4. Software

There are many software companies to work with. Choosing which software company is ultimately up to you. Your digital signage provider will be able to guide you to which one will comply with your company or industry. The software company will provide the option for the player, which sends and operates the video to the digital signage. The server is what the digital signage resides on and is responsible for its’ functions. 

5. Planning

Planning your digital signage project is a huge step and commitment. As tedious as installing digital signage sounds, it’s much simpler with a plan in place. A plan for your digital signage includes the initial installation, updates, service and maintenance. Your plan should include a checkup on the server and connectivity every day. Running into the possibility of going off- line or powering down, renders a negative reaction from the audience it usually reaches. 

These five steps are powerful and important for your digital signage project. These 5 elements should be considered before, during and after your digital signage project. 

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