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6 Reasons to Invest in Digital Signage Advertising

Posted by Jason Ault on Mar 12, 2015 10:30:00 AM

6 Reasons to Invest in Digital Signage AdvertisingThere are excellent reasons to invest in Digital Signage Advertising, but there is also one primary reason:  It works!  It is affordable, effective, and a great way for a company or establishment to expand their customer base while increasing their bottom line. 

It’s Relevant 

Using a carefully designed advertisement (or content, as we will discuss more in an upcoming blog), your restaurant digital signage will provide your audience with all of the current, relevant information about your products and services.

You provide your customers with information and details they want and need. It will allow them easy access to your contact information, quickly. Digital media is uniquely innovative; you have the ability to fully integrate your digital signage message into other available resources like social media, search engine marketing, or wherever it is best for your business. 

It’s Affordable

Your signage does not require a huge investment of your time or resources. For a fraction of the cost of television and radio ads, you can reach potential customers daily. Technology advances continue to bring down the costs of high-definition screens, media management systems, and bandwidth. Each of these factors makes dynamic digital signage more affordable. 

By using digital signage in your venue, you can virtually eliminate the cost of printing menus or paper specials. Updating your menu can be done as often as you like. Given how calorie-focused we have all become, nutritional facts can be shown on boards for healthier options without having to reprint your menu to include nutritional information. 

The Audience is Captive 

A customer can change the radio station or the television channel before they ever hear your ads; but when you use digital signage, you advertise to a captive audience. Nielsen Research has found that this medium form influences its' audience to come back and buy something else in the future.

Up-sales are increased, customers think more positively about the items being advertised and very often they are influenced to purchase the advertised item in addition to the one they were planning to buy. 

It Saves Time

Offer a Tuesday Special for lunch? Pick up a great new drink? You can let everyone know in only a few minutes when you use digital signage. Just upload a picture, type in a few words or a special message, and there it is on your screen- quickly.

You can even show out-of-the-oven photos of your restaurant’s favorite offerings. Customers may be tempted to order more than just a quick snack or a drink. At the same time, you can post regular prices, feature specials on drinks or combos, and even update the scores on local sports games and weather at the same time.

Enhance the Restaurant Environment 

You can build the value of your brand in-house while making the customer’s experience more enjoyable.  Your digital signage advertising can help customers easily find what they want, which improves customer service.

You have the ability to entertain your customers while they are waiting to order, which is shown to make those customers think the wait time is shorter. You can customize your content to your customer demographics and time of day. You can even enhance the ambiance of your restaurant.

Get People To Take Action 

Digital signage is being used by businesses to get customers and prospective customers to take action.  With it, you are enticing people to contact your restaurant, ‘like’ it on Facebook, follow it one Twitter, or stop by for a special or a free sample. You are actively drawing in new customers and isn’t that the real bottom-line?

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