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A Case for Corporate Digital Signage

Posted by Jason Ault on Apr 7, 2015 9:00:00 AM

A Case for Corporate Digital SignageOne of the most vital keys to your company’s success is communication. Not only communication with your shareholders and your customers, but with your employees. You need to keep the communication lines within your organization open by: 


  • Posting important announcements for review;
  • Notifying team members about the date, time and agenda for upcoming meetings or events;
  • Passing along Human Resources messages;
  • Increasing efficiency. 

A corporate digital signage network will keep your company communication lines open. It can often be difficult to get important messages relayed when employees may be located across multiple sites. They may even be away from computers and phones in various locations. A digital sign can easily be placed where employees will see them, such as hallways, cafeterias or break rooms, and lobbies. Additionally, each screen can display information that is specific to your audience and/or location and time. 

With digital message screens in various locations, you avoid double-booking a conference room. You ensure that key employees are aware of an upcoming meeting or conference call and be prepared, no matter where they are located. A digital board outside of each conference room can display to your employees the meeting agenda or other important information about an upcoming meeting. When you aren’t using the screen for meeting info, it can be used to promote your brand standards or display motivational messages. You can even use corporate digital signage to post fun announcements and company events. 

When your company needs to pass along important Human Resource announcements, a digital scren can eliminate email overload. Reminders to update insurance preferences during an annual window, for example, can be posted along with an eye-catching visual. The ability to keep your employees in the loop, making sure any pressing issues/announcements are passed along in real-time, more than justifies the use of corporate digital signage. 

Perhaps most importantly, this form of internal communication can be used to vastly increase the efficiency of your corporation. With these screens, you will have the ability to increase employee participation in company initiatives. You will increase morale and engagement, which in turn will increase productivity. Recent studies show that effective employee communication results in increased employee engagement and in turn, increases financial performance. By ensuring that their employees understand how they affect the overall business a company motivates employees to be more productive. For example, a digital display congratulating a specific employee or group of employees for a specific achievement is not only an immediate boost of morale, but also a longer lasting one. Digital signage is a remarkably powerful tool in engaging employees. Recent surveys also show that engaged employees are 300% more likely to exceed performance expectations. They will also miss 20% fewer workdays and are a lower turnover risk. Also, engaged employees are 50% more apt to be your corporations top performers. 

Digital signage is today's best bet for corporate communication in all of its forms.Why Digital Signage  

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