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A Digital Menu Software Approach

Posted by Jason Ault on Jul 7, 2015 9:00:00 AM

A Digital Menu Software ApproachNow that you’ve made the decision to go with a digital menu for your business, you have to also decide on the digital menu software you want to use. How do you choose? What do you need to know about the type of software necessary to display your menu on the board you’ve chosen? While you know that the company you have decided to go with can provide the software, how do you know  you will get what you really need? How do you learn to use it competently, and teach your staff to use it without breaking something costly? You need to know the answers to these questions in order to compare providers, when looking for the best software for your restaurant business: 

  • Do I need to be tech savvy?
  • What types of software are out there?
  • How do I update my menu?
  • What if I have multiple locations? 

Don’t worry about not being able to understand digital menu technology. The software is created with the business owner in mind. You will be able to update your menu quickly and efficiently. So will your staff, or whomever you choose as the person(s) to make changes. 

You select and change your menu design through the interface that is the digital menu software.  There are two ways to access this software:           

Windows desktop application

Web application 

Downloading that software to your own computer can provide access by most software companies. Just like downloading and opening Microsoft Word, the software is a program that runs on your hard drive. You will access your menu this way, by first opening the software. However, most providers are choosing to offer their software as a web application. This “web app” can be accessed by business owners by simply logging on to the providers website. This can be done from any device, including a mobile device (such as a cell phone or computer) and accessing the provider's website to manage your menu. This is much simpler than installing software. You don’t have to worry about ensuring that the software is compatible with the operating system that your computer is running. One other problem with downloading software onto a computer, is that you can only make changes to your menu on THAT computer! When using a web application, you sign into your account from anywhere, using any computer or mobile device. 

For changes to your menu, if you have an Internet-connected player, the player stays connected at all times and receives updates via a local internet connection available for the player. This is either as an Internet cable running from your business’s Internet modem or as a Wi-Fi network. This is usually a TV or computer monitor. If you have downloaded software to your computer, you will be provided with a dashboard for creating and editing your menu boards with your digital menu software. You may be able to choose from pre-existing menu templates, depending on your provider. You can even create your own from scratch, just discuss this with your digital signage provider. Finding a dashboard that works best for you and your needs is the most important factor and should be what decides who your provider will be. 

If you are using digital menu boards for multiple locations, it’s important to make sure your software allows for the control of multiple locations. You can have varying menus in different locations. You can also very efficiently control your network and menu in multiple locations. You have a perfect opportunity for testing menu styles with different photos, different font styles, and even trying different layouts to find what works best in different locations! You can control your entire network from one place. You will be able to provide your brand with consistency throughout locations. Think of the how much stress you will be losing! 

Don’t hesitate to go over this with us. We are happy to answer any questions you have about digital signage!

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