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A Look into the Future: Digital Signage Kiosks

Posted by Jason Ault on Sep 1, 2015 9:00:00 AM

A Look into the Future: Digital Signage KiosksLiving in a technological world, updates will be around as soon as you believed that you purchased the next best thing. Whether it be iPhones, computers or digital signage. Along with these updates, digital signage kiosks may be more prominent in the future.I went to eat at Red Robin and had no need for a waitress. She came to our table, served our drinks, and then informed us that the rest was completed in the small kiosk on our table. Flipping through the pages, I saw all of the menu options and chose my order. The waitress came back to fill up our drinks again and then the meal came. She didn’t have to ask about sides, condiments or any other modifications. Mine came without the onion and broccoli instead of fries, just as I entered. Everyone who I ate with, had their meals prepared correctly as well. Digital signage kiosks remove the potential for error. The waitress isn’t shamed for forgetting something or writing the order down wrong. The restaurant can benefit when they exempt the need to hire more servers. Instead of taking orders from multiple tables and trying to reach every table in a limited time, servers will be able to interact with the customers more. If the waitress is only required to fill drinks, it can save time and money for the restaurant.

Marriott hotels provide a kiosk for various actions. Instead of waiting in line with 20 other people to check- in, you’re able to simply step aside and check- in on the available kiosks. Not only do they have the check- in option, but they display maps and directions. It can provide which levels in the hotel have conference rooms, the pool room, exercise room; and can even point out where the Starbucks is. A digital signage kiosk also has the potential to display local attractions for out- of- town guests. Tourists can find out where the best shopping mall or coffee shop is near the hotel.

Just like the hotel check- in lines, you can now skip movie theatre lines! AMC Movie Theatre placed digital signage kiosks in their lobbies for your convenience. You’re able to see movie options, along with the times and prices. Simply select the movie you plan on viewing, insert your credit card and the ticket prints! You’re all set to go.

Malls offer kiosks with maps to locate where the stores are that you’re searching for. You can even offer a way to make reservations to a restaurant in the mall, and then continue to shop until it’s ready to attend your reservation.

Informational kiosks can be used in a majority of ways. Including:

  • Images of products
  • Information for products
  • Broadcasting upcoming events
  • How- to register for events
  • How- to complete a purchase
  • Check- ins for patients at hospitals
  • Automotive shops to pick up car or car rental
  • Stadiums to print out last minute tickets
  • Transportation hubs to print out subway or bus ticket

The list is endless! Digital signage kiosks are becoming more prominent in public places. They are productive, but simple. They allow for valuable customer service by informing and entertaining customers, while reducing wait times and increasing repeat visits.

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