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A New Way to Build Community Using Education Digital Signage

Posted by Jason Ault on Jan 20, 2015 7:37:07 PM

A New Way to Build Community Using Education Digital SignageDeveloping a sense of community on a high school campus that serves a student population of 1,000 or more is a challenge, to say the least. Yet a failure to develop that community feeling often leaves students feeling unconnected, invisible and even unsafe.

Digital Signage for high schools helps tremendously, and in many ways.  They help build a more cohesive student body, one with vastly improved communication throughout a campus.  Today, elementary, middle and high schools, as well as post graduate universities, are finding digital media boards to be a technologically-oriented, exciting way to build community for both the “Y” and “Z” generations who have been brought up with electronic communications. They have seen it in other venues, make use of it in almost every aspect of life, and expect their schools to be no different.  The digital signs are a way for students to stay connected, with constant reminders and updates of daily announcements, often using video and photos for greater impact. Student government and other student groups can market their meeting schedule, activities and fundraisers. Students, staff, parents and even visitors can check back throughout the day for the latest time and location information of events, as well as recaps and results of various activities.

Communicating important academic information throughout any campus is another way to make use of digital media boards. It supplements traditional communications such as poster boards, bulletin boards and those daily announcements during homeroom that blared from a speaker nailed up by the ceiling in every classroom. Communication with digital media boards are a efficient and timely.  Displays can be placed in lobbies, hallways, cafeterias, and even classrooms.

Faculty and/or administrator break rooms is another place where education Digital Signage can be used for messages targeted to administrative matters and staff meetings.  Another great use of these boards is its ability to become part of a comprehensive emergency notification system. Normal programming can be overridden for such information.  Signage software can even be used to create special desktops on teachers’ computers to provide vital alerts in emergency situations.

But lets get back to creating community. Media boards can recruit students for activities, advertise a concert or show, or convey other pieces of important news, and they get the message out more quickly and easily. Digital signs can greet visitors and make it easy to find the location of any event, from the school choir concert to the polling place in local or national elections.  And lets not forget using Digital Signage for menu boards in cafeterias! The ability to control the display of what’s for lunch in the cafeteria becomes less labor intensive and can be made very attractive with photos or videos.

Finally, education Digital Signage can be used to showcase student achievement, allow students to make special presentations, and with rotating screens equal publicity can be given to any and every group within the school; an upcoming football game, a community service project, a debate club tournament.  By including every group, Digital Signage helps build that sense of community.

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