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A Time of Reflection.

Posted by Jason Ault on Dec 24, 2015 10:51:21 PM

Most people scoff at the word reflection.  They often think of that glaring thing that looks back at you in the mirror and reminds you that you may have had one too many cookies during the holiday.  Luckily, it has another meaning, and that is the one where you take the time to ponder about something. 


 Reflection is something most people do prior to creating their New Years’ Resolutions.  Reflection allows you to truly spend time thinking through the past year and understanding what went well, what went not so well, where you are on reaching your goals you set for the year, things you want to change for next year, and even just to simply bask in the memories you’ve made. 

Unfortunately, reflection is often where people stop.  For growth or change to happen, the reflection cannot be the end.  It is just the learning curve.  Reflection then needs to be followed by REEVALUATION and ACTION. 

Reevaluation is the planning process or the preparation for what is coming and answers the question, what now?  Write out your goals based on the things you reflected upon.  Decide what you can commit to, what you want to achieve, what your heart desires, and document the steps you would like to take to get there.  Some of those things may line up with what you wrote last year, but some may not, due to what you learned while reflecting.

The last step is really what makes the difference between looking at the same sheet of paper next year and wondering why nothing changed, and actually putting check marks next to some, if not all, items on that paper.  You must take action.  Taking the time to reflect, reevaluating your life, or business, and planning your next steps, mean nothing unless you take action on them. 

This time of year is great for sitting around fires, spending time with families, creating new memories and reflecting on your past experiences, learning from them, reevaluating where you want to be from where you are, and taking action to make it happen. 

Coffman Media joins you in this time of reflection, and sends you a Merry Christmas and wishes you the best in the upcoming year. 

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