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Interactive Digital Signage In Retail - How Ready Is Your Network?

Posted by Coffman Media on Oct 28, 2016 11:13:08 AM

Interactive digital signage in the retail space is a growing option.  Signagelive's Aferdita Qesku offers some insight about interactivity and omni-channel marketing in the below guest blog.  

Get your slice of the interactive retail digital signage pie with Signagelive’s cloud-based digital signage platform

2016 has shaped up to be the year of interactivity as far as the retail industry is concerned. Never have there been so many readily available technologies for retailers to tempt us into their stores to browse their latest collections and to engage with us once we’re inside.

Although the use of interactive technologies and associated content has not yet gone mainstream, as a retailer, if the concepts of interactivity and Omni-channel marketing are not on your marketing radar, you’re going to get left behind and loyal customer base will go elsewhere.

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Data Visualization Driving Employee Engagement

Posted by Coffman Media on Mar 24, 2016 8:00:00 AM

The Changing Business Environment

The changes in today’s business world are more rapid, and the competition and nature of business is more global, than ever before. At the same time, large parts of the workforce are widely spread.

This creates greater pressure for the companies in any industry to double check their business strategy and to constantly make sure they are fit to offer the best possible customer experience.

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