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Begin to Reap the Benefits of Healthcare Digital Signage

Posted by Jason Ault on Sep 22, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Begin to Reap the Benefits of Healthcare Digital SignageA doctor spends an average of one- third of his or her day, away from the patient, on paperwork. There is plenty of communication between the doctor, patient, hospital staff and family. Information management should be at the top of the list of importance for hospitals and healthcare offices alike.Healthcare digital signage can greatly benefit a hospital. You’re able to choose among different information and various updates to share with your audience. With digital signage’s rapid updating capabilities, critical information can be shared quickly. Digital Signage (DS) can be used to access patient information, display patient portals, view pharmacy information, prescriptions, medications, any allergies, vitals and any other information needed to communicate between hospital staff and/ or family.

Healthcare requires accurate information and DS allows for it to be relevant and timely. It would be a breath of fresh air to walk into a patient’s room and be presented with a screen displaying their current vitals and last dose of medicine. With dry- erase boards, patients’ family or visitors could potentially erase vital information, which needed to be carried over and displayed for the next shift change. There is also a chance that the last nurses’ aide or nurse erased the information before the following nurse arrived; or misplaced the paperwork. Being able to keep this information secure allows for an easy documentable and safe transformation of procedures and updates.

Doctors across the states have already implemented DS and the adaption to the technology has been a simple process. Doctors use iPads to communicate and update across the variety of channels. The ability to connect channels is fluent and simple. When nurse’s aides provide care, they enter in what they accomplished in small touch- screen portals. When the tasks are entered, they can be shared with the doctor, nurse, receptionist (for communication with family), and the nurses’ aide who takes over for the next shift. As easy as this is to communicate and share information, it’s just as easy to keep this information safe. “There is no 100-percent safe solution as long as a computer device is connected to the network or Internet. A digital signage network is no exception. In addition to educating the clients to use the best IT practices in utilizing network security technologies and configuring routers and firewalls, a well-developed digital signage network platform must have built-in security measures to protect the integrity of the contents on both media player and server, as well as during delivery.” –Jimmy Dun

From the patient’s eyes, stepping into a hospital can be nerve- wracking, especially for children. In order to display a friendly and interactive environment, hospitals have taken to DS to display heartwarming pictures. One may use DS to share a brave story about a person’s road to recovery. Displaying DS throughout the hallways or in the waiting area allows you to brighten up the environment. Patients can also be educated on different procedures and fully grasp the information, when displayed with images on a screen. Allowing a doctor to point to specific areas for surgery or inspection, guides the patient to learn the exact procedure and limit nerves for what awaits.

When the patient is in the waiting room, it’s easy to become anxious and glance at surroundings. DS reduces the perceived amount of waiting time. Giving someone visuals to look at while waiting makes it seem like time is going by faster. This is a benefit to the doctor, receptionist and patient.

A hospital may be one of the best places for advertisement. Within a hospital, you have a targeted audience. Hospitals can potentially see revenue with advertisements from surrounding restaurants or businesses. For those who are in a specific branch- hospital, family may be required to stay late or overnight. With the available advertising of a restaurant nearby, it’s easier to make the decision where to eat. In this case, car rentals may also be of importance. Companies should take full advantage of any open spots for advertisements on the available signs.

With DS advancements, it creates a simpler, more efficient process by all means. Instead of trying to interpret a prescription, digital signage allows for a clear message. DS in healthcare reduces error, provides engagement and offers simple solutions.

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