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Digital Media Signage: So Many Choices, So Little Time

Posted by Jason Ault on Jul 21, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Digital Media Signage: So Many Choices, So Little TimeWhen you are hoping to make an impression on your customers, but not really wanting that impression to be solely from your digital media signage, choosing the right digital signage company to guide your choice in a system is crucial. Knowing what system will be most appropriate for your needs, with so many companies to choose from, can make your choice difficult. There are simply as many options in system features, as there are in digital signage companies. Keep in mind of course, that you must first define your goals and objectives. While digital signage systems can have dozens of features, here are a few of what we think are the most important for you to look for in a signage company: 

  • Content-creation tools
  • High-quality playback
  • Open-platform features
  • System management 

Content must always be engaging, appealing and most of all relevant to your target audience. Enhanced content-creation tools allow you to have independence and flexibility when you are creating content (whether in house or externally) and when you want to change your content. The result for you is higher efficiency and lower costs. With content-creation tools, you can also add some movement, filters and effects to the content at any time, which will eliminate the need for post-production studios. Eye-catching visuals, such as graphs and charts displaying real-time information can also be created and displayed.

The flexibility and quality of the system playback has a key role in the visual effectiveness of your message. Always keep in mind that the quality of the playback will directly impact the level of attention that any viewer will give to a digital signage display; poor picture quality will always mean there will be less eyes on your digital board. That, of course, will mean you have less impact on your customers. It is essential for any digital signage display, therefore, to support true high-definition and synchronized playback. Today, when there is a greater demand for multi-display arrangement of screens, the ability to your content over multiple displays in pixel-perfect quality, without distorting the image if you try to blow it up, really is crucial. The digital signage must be high quality in order to get attention. 

You may want to consider having an open platform capability even if you have no plans to use it right now. That will ensure that your system can easily integrate with other sources and external systems. This includes dynamic feeds and interactive sources. As part of an open platform capability, you will have scalability and efficient distribution, being able to easily establish a networked digital signage deployment. You would also be able to schedule multiple playlists to be automatically generated for different criteria so you can manage your content and get the right message to the right customer at the right time. 

For future scalability and large-scale deployments, efficient management of databases and digital assets is important. One available feature to consider, that is very easy to create and maintain, is a graphic template. You may also opt for predesigned graphic templates (or go for both). Many digital signage companies offer graphic templates that allow a choice of new text and images to be in real time, quickly and inexpensively to already existing graphics. This eliminates the need to outsource your content to an external studio. 

Again, these are only a handful of what to be looking for when it comes to choosing a digital signage company. Watch for our next blog that will include a few more tips on how to choose.

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