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Digital Signage: An Aid to the Corporate Communication Quandary?

Posted by Jason Ault on Aug 6, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Digital Signage: An Aid to the Corporate Communication Quandary?Being able to communicate successfully within your company on time, consistently, with many employees and across multiple sites if necessary, is vital to your business. You must have a means of directly connecting with your employees, keeping them up-to-date about product offerings and corporate news, and training them. You want to prevent workplace accidents by displaying safety videos. You need to make sure compliance driven communications are delivered timely as well as accurately. But how do you do all of that efficiently AND correctly? The perfect answer for communications in any business is digital signage. The signs can be installed virtually anywhere. They can be updated instantly. Content can be created and controlled by you, or any department or employee(s) you assign to the task. 

With digital signage you have the ability to schedule alerts such as office closing or special events. You would even be able to customize your programming so that you could support your employees regionally. You can distribute your networks across all of your lobbies, your break rooms, any office locations, even across country locations! 

The opportunities are endless with the right digital signage solution, including: 

            •           Employee training

            •           Creating a strong corporate culture

            •           Sharing internal metrics 

Digital signage can provide a highly cost effective means of making all employees aware of a new procedure or a change in policy without the need to distribute printed materials or make formal presentations in an auditorium. Instead a company wide announcement can be made, scheduled to run on multiple dates and times. The printed documents can be filed, and provided upon request.  Also, employee-training videos can be displayed as well as videos that demonstrate new procedures.  Training on demand, or orientation information may be displayed at specific times set by managers.

When you recognize a workers contribution to the company, you increase employee engagement. Digital signage is an easy way to do that. It is just as important to keep your employees connected, as it is to enhance your customers’ experiences. So besides internal communications, those digital signs can be used to help build staff morale, enhance employee motivation, and maximize productivity. There are multiple benefits that digital signage can help you to reap in the workplace. According to The McKinsey Global Institute, engaged employees improve productivity by 20-25 percent in organizations, and the potential for revenue because of that is around $1.3 trillion per year. In fact a well-developed company culture creates positive changes across an organization. Many more companies are communicating mission goals across great distances. They are finding that the stronger the connection between employees and a company’s mission, the higher the overall business productivity. Additionally, companies can use digital signage to publicly recognize workers’ performance and milestones. Such recognition stimulates a positive work environment and boosts employees’ morale. Digital signage has become an excellent tool for companies to improve employees’ engagement, to enhance internal marketing and even to lower turnover rates. 

Finally, digital signage software can be quite helpful in keeping track of production, sales and internal analytics. You can let your employees know if they are meeting their goals when they measure their performance with the right business metrics. Also, internal metrics sharing through digital signage networks is often used to monitor the overall performance of a company.

You might want to consider installing your screens in strategic places where employees can see them frequently. Any digital signage display can also be placed in administrative buildings so that managers can take a look at sales figures, stock prices, and financial results on their way to a meeting, for example. Also, they keep factory workers in the loop about goals attainment and production statuses. 

In order to communicate consistent, compliance driven information across multiple sites or to many employees in a timely manner, there is little that can compete with digital signage. It is a trend for small and large businesses that has been growing for some years, and shows no sign of stopping in the coming years.

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