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Digital Signage and Higher Education

Posted by Jason Ault on Jan 27, 2015 10:16:48 AM

education digital signageA lot of time is devoted to finding ways for University Campuses to efficiently share announcements, directories, activity schedules and more with visitors, faculty, and students. Digital Signage has also become a vital tool for educational facilities to get messages targeted to a specific audience, to specific buildings on campus. These digital media boards are also being used to broadcast updates and emergency notifications to an entire university campus.  Best of all, digital platforms can now be extended to fit any unique situation or need on any given campus.

For example, Digital Signage can be used to emulate a real experience that students will face when they graduate and enter the business world.  The Colleges of Business at some Universities are preparing students by exposing them to Wall Street experiences in a finance lab. Colleges with multiple campus locations are using Digital Signage to display menu boards in all of the schools dining halls, particularly those with a-la-carte menus and different ethnic food stations.Prices and menu choices can be changed in a matter of minutes, eliminating the old method of printed signs and flyers.

Content management software allows multimedia presentations for new students, as well as those considering an application to the school, that enhances college life by detailing the many aspects of dorm life, administrative announcements, social and athletic programs, special promotions from retailers available from the campus bookstore, dining hall menus, and more.

Campuses today can distribute university information that is useful to students, including campus events and local weather. Digital Signage is a way to get critical and time-sensitive information in front of students, faculty, and other members of the university community.

The screens are also used as a campus-wide emergency broadcast system, both by taking advantage of local RSS feeds and by sending out it’s own emergency alert. For many universities, education digital signage is not only an emerging trend in communication. It’s becoming an excellent, affordable way for reaching the thousands of students, faculty and staff who cross college campuses each day.

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