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Digital Signage on K12 Campuses

Posted by Jason Ault on Feb 20, 2015 8:13:08 AM

Digital Signage on K12 CampusesDigital signage is quickly becoming a big part of educational facilities. The K-12 sector is no exception to this revolution. This exciting media can be customized on a case-by-case basis to fit the needs and requirements of any school. Software is being designed for maximum flexibility and power.  This way IT engineers have a dynamic platform that is perfect for establishing a successful digital signage network. At the same time, even a novice user could easily learn and use software without having to be tech-savvy.

With centralized production and distribution of content, the IT department, or selected staff, has full control of assigning specific access privileges.  Additionally, with a web-based management console remote access is available from any location with web access.  This allows key personnel to set up messages, notifications and scheduling from home.  Many systems allow employees to quickly and easily update on-screen content via the web portal, instead of having to create and upload new layouts each time an update is required.  Additionally, administrators can decide what content plays at what time with advanced scheduling options.

Digital signage can offer a cost-effective means of distributing information to raise awareness and increase participation in events and fundraisers at the school.  A digital display grabs attention much better than a static print banner or words on a blackboard.  This media enhances the way viewers gather information, and can be a very effective tool of persuasion.

There are many other ways in which it is cost effective.  Digital signage reduces the use of paper and printer ink/toner; it can improve ticket sales to school events by using on-screen promotions to generate interest; it improves attendance to fundraising events by increasing awareness in students and parents.

There are so many uses for this signage on K-12 school campuses.  Daily menus, lunchtime specials and nutritional information help to promote healthy eating habits.  Daily schedules, as well as schedule changes, are easy to create and broadcast.  Student achievements can be celebrated with the entire student body as well as parents and visitors .

The uses are practically limitless.  The rewards are measurable.

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