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Digital Signage Tells A Better Story

Posted by Jason Ault on Jul 2, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Digital Signage Tells A Better StoryThe majority of consumers today are increasingly digital-savvy. Gone is the era of cellular phones found only in expensive cars, computers that took up half the floor in a building, and the television that only had thirteen channels.

In order to remain on top, businesses now find themselves having to leverage digital media signage and interactive display solutions so that they may build better experiences, engage customers, and hopefully increase loyalty. Your brand's story is ultimately shaped by your customer’s experience, good OR bad. So it is vital that the right digital media strategy is designed so that is will significantly impact that experience. Your signage should not only generate sales lift, it must positively impact your brand connection. You can accomplish this with: 

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Conversion 

Branding has become more focused than ever, and today brands deliver an experience that adapts to customer lifestyles. All brands are squarely in the content game given the importance of well-executed brand media; content being something we have talked about at length in past blogs. Your marketing strategy now should include a brand network that will help create a lasting connection with your brand, including digital signage. Think about how many promotional offers consumers are bombarded with; everything from how to earn loyalty points to current discounts being offered. All static promotional signage tends to blend with each other, becoming a bit of a blur and failing to grab a customers’ attention. Therefore it fails to drive sales! On the other hand, digital signs are dynamic platforms that target consumers by time and location. They better personalize the shoppers’ experience and are easily remembered by brand. Customers notice! 

Traditional printed signage simply does not have the ability of any digital technology to touch a customer on an emotional level. Digital media signage far exceeds any static ad in that category. Digital displays that are customer facing and tell a story are a captivating medium for lifestyle branding. They allow brands to evoke the same emotion in customers while they are on location, as they would experience online. Even through broadcast advertising, a 60 second commercial on television can capture us emotionally unlike any static printed ad can. A digital sign in any restaurant or store, which causes us to remember the brand that went with the emotion, does the same. Today some larger companies are even turning to marketing teams, once considered exclusive to merchandising reps, for more image-savvy, customer-centric engagement techniques to enhance brand image. Our point is, creating positive emotional connections for consumers while reinforcing your brand affinity with enticing, full-motion, original content is changing the way consumers interact and engage with brands. Through real-time, localized and relevant content and branded interactive applications, digital media can enhance brand engagement greatly. 

Interactive displays and digital signage are dynamic platforms for influencing purchasing behavior. They also capture attention as well deliver timely, up-to-the-minute promotional offers that can be changed on the fly. Your signage can be tied directly to inventory levels because of the real-time nature of digital media messaging. You can personalize your consumers’ experience by targeting time and location, better engaging shoppers. 

Behind this increased demand for in-store digital media technology is a desire to enhance brand image and messaging through relevant, real-time and localized content. Companies are now looking to tell the brand story across multiple channels using place-based digital signage and interactive display systems. 

It’s easy to understand why. Digital media can help bolster sales. In fact, a Nielsen consumer survey revealed that most (80%) product brands experienced significant increases of up to 33% in additional sales through the use of digital out of home media.

So, If digital media signage receives ten times the eye contact of your traditional static, or print, signage, that leads to 70% unaided recall on the content. That is the percentage of people who saw your digital signs and remembered them.  That leads to 79% of your guests who noticed. Awareness. 

Add to that 80% of your customers are spending when they might not have, because of your digital signage. You also have 30% increased store traffic leading to 89% more entertained customers with an improved in-house experience. Engagement. 

Finally you have an in-store increase of 2-3% basket size with your digital signs. The products that have been promoted on your signs have a sales lift of up to three times that of other products, and your overall sales can increase up to 55% when you add digital to your marketing strategy. Conversion. 

You just tell a better story with digital media signage.

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