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Digital Signage Templates: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Posted by Jason Ault on Sep 3, 2015 9:06:43 AM

Digital Signage TemplateCreating a digital sign is for talented artists. False. You can design for digital signage, as long as a few guidelines are followed. There are different options and tools to take advantage of when searching for a quick, but efficient design.Agencies are starting to realize the attraction of digital content. The flexibility and being able to target directly have a huge impact. Before you design, you must know who your audience is and how relatively interested in your signage they will be.

One option is to hire a graphic designer. They design the layout and possibly even the content. The digital signage template will therefore be in order and visually appealing. Now, it’s understandable that not every company has the funds to do so. There are online programs and there are programs as simple as PowerPoint.

PowerPoint offers several online content creation tools. PowerPoint templates allow you to edit colors, images and text. These slides are already formatted and include options like bullets and header placing. Using these templates, you can create a simple page for your signage and repeat the template used, but change colors and context. This way, instead of creating a new template for every slide, you’re able to easily adjust.

For further explanation: instead of rendering out hundreds of separate templates for each new slide, you create one master copy. You can then determine which aspects will be changed, based on your rules and constraints. You’re able to add text, then generate different versions of that master copy. This approach reduces the time to create content. It also cuts costs. These dynamic ads can be updated to abide by the target audience, changing the language, demographics and more, to accommodate where the signage is being shown.

Photoshop is another option to create digital signage templates. Using your preferred dimensions, create a new page and add your colors and text where needed. Experiment with different colors and placement in order to determine which layout will be most visually appealing. A few options to include:

  • Header
  • Your Company Logo
  • Weather Updates
  • Date and Time
  • Images
  • Video
  • An Email Address for Additional Questions
  • Schedules
  • Maps
  • Directions

You may choose to utilize a template- creation agency, but be wary that they use their templates for multiple businesses. Creating your own design, specific to your needs is always best. Experiment with different layouts and find what will display your content uniquely, with a clean presence.

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