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Education Digital Signage and How to Utilize It

Posted by Jason Ault on Jan 16, 2015 9:40:43 AM

Education Digital SignageHow many high schools have you driven past, and noticed a big sign outside the front entrance with an electronic message on it. Something like, “Have a safe and happy winter break.  See you next year!”

It probably didn’t occur to you that the sign, which changes regularly with new messages or information, is Digital Signage. And soon it will be coming to a kindergarten/elementary school near you.  That is, if it isn’t already there.

However, digital signage isn’t just for the big universities or the big city high schools.  K-12 schools are getting into the digital age with a vengeance. Teachers, administrators and school boards are learning the many benefits of using these digital boards at all of the K-12 levels.  So much so that, according to, deployment of these digital boards increased at better than 2,200 campuses in 2011 and the number goes up each year.

So what are schools, especially elementary schools, doing with this technology?  It is replacing outmoded methods of communications around schools. The main lobby of any given school, before school, during lunch, and after school, is filled with students and parents.   School administrators want a way to connect with those students, as well as those parents.  Most bulletin boards get the once over and are not looked at again, or closely read ever!  With Digital Signage schools can display calendar events, pictures/movies of students, honor students for scholastic achievement, even display relevant twitter/RSS feeds with weather and traffic conditions.

Communication has become a huge focus in education. Administrators are always looking for new and better ways to reach students, and their parents and education digital signage is the solution. They are also looking for a system that allows teachers to upload messages or pictures from their classroom, or even from the convenience of their home computer.

K-12 schools from Alaska to New York are jumping on the Digital Signage bandwagon.  Having the signage in the main lobby helps them communicate with a large amount of people in a focused yet entertaining way.

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