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How Digital Signage Companies Offer Value

Posted by Jason Ault on May 7, 2015 9:00:00 AM

How Digital Signage Companies Offer ValueSo you’ve decided you want a digital sign for your convention center. Perhaps in the central entrance way. You might even put some sort of map in the corner. Or at least a list of what room has what event going on. Maybe a scrolling thingie along the bottom with…um…well…the weather? 

Or you are in the design stages of that great new bookstore you have always wanted. The one with the really great coffee bar, much better than the big chain store with the other big chain coffee. Mine will have really fresh pastry and soup. I’d really love a digital sign. But will a digital sign be worth it? And do I need a digital signage company for that? 

You do.  Here’s a short list that will tell you why. 

  • Opportunities within digital signage are very significant; do you know them all?
  • Digital signage appears simple on the surface, but in fact is made up of many disparate parts
  • Business planning/ROI/ROO

Digital signage for your business is a medium that can increase retail sales as much as 25% across advertised products. From the size of the screen to the content displayed, if everything is executed properly then purchase behavior is reinforced.

Interactive digital signage is a way to make sense of the multiple exhibit halls and miles of hallways found in most convention centers that can overwhelm your patrons. Your digital sign can also display an all events calendar with local attractions including hotels and restaurants. If you advertise for trade show exhibitors or local businesses you may create another source of revenue! 

Are you, or your business partner/s, very familiar with the software necessary to achieve the effects you want on your digital sign? Do you know what kind of mount will best support the size screen you want to use? Will you connect to the Internet or cloud? Wireless or cellular? Is there someone on staff who knows installation, maintenance and service for your network? These and other necessities will be discussed with your digital signage company at length so that you fully understand the need for these and other critical components of your signage.

A good signage company offers value by making sure that you have put together a solid business plan. One that takes the future into consideration. The biggest percentages of digital signage projects that fail are due to poor business planning. A good signage company can discuss ROI (return on investment) and ROO (return on objectives). Are you looking for hard dollars spent with the expectation of hard dollars returned within a certain amount of time? This is probably the most talked about concepts in digital signage. Most systems are evaluated on a combination of the two, ROI with ROO. What ever your motivation, you signage company should make sure you have worked out a sound business plan. 

A really good signage company offers value by guiding you in a direction that is twofold; the direction you want to be going and the direction that is in your best interest. Then that signage company comes up with the best way to help you do just that. What better value could there possibly be than that?

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