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How Long Does Digital Signage Installation Take?

Posted by Jason Ault on Mar 27, 2015 10:10:54 AM

How Long Does Digital Signage Installation TakeThis blog is NOT about how long it takes to install a digital sign. Rather, it is about the steps that must be taken before the physical digital signage installation and roll-out can begin.

Of course the installation portion must be considered and included in the total package, but we will only touch on that aspect here. Sound confusing? It isn’t. Keep in mind that each project is custom tailored to your business needs as determined by you, so each step may be more or less detailed than this. However this will provide you with a fairly good idea of how we proceed. Let’s go through the steps. 

  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Deployment
  • Debrief

Discovery encompasses determining your objectives and goals.  What, exactly, do you want your signage to do for your business?  That will most likely be based upon your audience, as well as your success metrics.  Do you want a digital signage menu board?  Do you want that board to be able to day-part?  Do you want it to include advertising for community current events?  Do you want to showcase a menu specialty?  Restaurant digital signage can contain so much more than just your menu.  Do you have a content strategy, or do you want assistance with your content development? How do you want to measure the success of your signage? We need to make sure we have covered every aspect of this phase. 

Under the Design phase, the actual equipment is at Coffman Media. Here we will begin to image and prepare the content to go live on your board.  We will also build the out of network structure within Coffman Media, as well as the out-of-user hierarchy so that you may assign permissions for various employees to change or update what appears on your signage. 

The Deployment phase is, of course, the installation of your signage within your locations or facilities.  We will field test the network connection and make sure that all of the working parts do, in fact, work.  

Finally, we will debrief you and your selected staff and prepare to transfer everything over to you. We want to make sure that you fully understand how to operate your digital signage, including how to change your display.  We will give you some strategic recommendations for the future. Thirty days after your launch, we will ask you to complete our client satisfaction survey. Our expectation, and desire, is that we will develop a long-term partnership with you in order to provide all of your digital signage needs. 

We ensure the success of each project by walking each one through the “7 Key Elements of Digital Signage”, only some of which have been mentioned here.  Each one is necessary for the success of each package. However it is important to remember that every system contains all of the seven elements in one form or another, based on your individual needs. 

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