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Increase Revenue With Digital Signage Advertising

Posted by Jason Ault on Oct 29, 2015 1:10:48 PM

Increase Revenue with Digital Signage AdvertisingAccording to Moving Tactics, 95% of all customers feel that Digital Signage Displays are perfectly positioned in- store to provide promotions and advertising. 41% said they were influenced to purchase something in- store, upon Digital Signage’s advertising. These are pretty great statistics. Considering the technological advances and the direction the world is heading, Digital Signage Advertising will have a huge impact. 

Advertising is the way to showcase and communicate your products to your audience. Now, advertising can promote more than one item at a time. Constant- changing slides allows your viewers to first- notice the signage and second- become involved with what the advertising has to offer. 

Digital signage advertising allows you to consistently provide up- to- date information. It allows you to become a helpful and relevant source. You’re able to directly target your specific audience, based on context. With monitoring, you’ll find what people are drawn to and can provide additional content around that subject.

Digital signage advertising generates revenue with:

  • a general sales lift
  • ad displays
  • commission on sales
  • renting ad space
  • branding
  • creating exceptional experiences
  • increasing awareness for products and services
  • reducing perceived wait times
  • providing information efficiently 

Digital signage promotes brand awareness, while increasing return on investment. Advertising doesn’t have to be boring, static images anymore. With the revolution of digital signage and the estimated $20 billion market in 2020, it’s safe to say that digital signage advertising is an amazing investment.

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