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Integrate BrightSign With Signagelive

Posted by Nikki Ault on Mar 12, 2018 8:33:26 AM

digital signage integrator.jpgTo integrate means to combine with another so they become whole, according to the Google dictionary.  That is our job at Coffman Media, we are an integrator of digital signage services.  

This means we combine the hardware, software, content, etc. to create the most effective digital signage system that will get YOUR message across.  

We also offer expert advice when you need assistance with on-going, multi-technology efforts or when your existing signage just isn’t meeting your needs.

Coffman Media has the ‘know-how to’ customize a solution that is just right for you and your industry.  

With this customization, often comes the decision, which media player do I choose and what software will work with it to give me the ideal digital signage system?

A "Bright" Media Player Choice

In one of our prior blogs, Top Media Players For Digital Signage Revisted, we mentioned BrightSign's Series 3 media players.  BrightSign provides an exceptional media player that is reliable and was made with powering specifically digital signage in mind. 

The Series 3 models include:

brightsign xt1143.pngXT Models: XT243 and the XT1143

The XT243 has video and graphics processing power like no other.  Product applications include luxury retail and mass retail TV walls. 

The XT1143 has the same video and graphics power that the XT243 has, plus serial, dual USB and Live TV playback.  Product applications include corporate mass rollouts and sports bar and live events.

Some of the features include: a powerful 4K video engine, Full HD, Enterprise HTML5, IP Streaming, and Live feeds.

XD233.pngXD Models: XD233 and the XD1033

The XD233 offers a 4K video engine making videos almost as good as being there.  Product applications include high resolution videos and images and videowalls.  

The XT1033 has the same features as the XD233 with the added bonus of interactive options.  Product applications include advanced HTML and interactive and streaming social media. 

brightsign hd223.pngHD Models:  HD233 and the HD1033

The HD233 is a reliable and powerful player, playfully known as an updated classic.  Product applications include corporate lobby information kiosks and eye-catching video walls.

The HD1033 has all of the features of the HD233 with the addition of interactive options to fully engage your audience.  Product applications include interactive museum exhibits and retail displays.

LS Model:  LS423

brightsign ls.pngThe LS423 is the commercial compact size player that is network connected and plays 1080p60 video playback and is perfect for simple streaming.  Product applications include simple retail kiosks and movie theater promotions.

How We Pair It Up

Signagelive is a global leader in the digital signage industry, powering tens of thousands of screens deployed across 46 countries. Signagelive is a cloud-based digital signage platform, used by customers in retail, corporate communications, QSR, education and many other industries. 

signageliveThey operate a transparent business model providing; hosting, storage and technical support that is an all-inclusive service, chargeable as a licence per display or player.  Signagelive is not just software, it is a service, providing free support and software updates, with no hidden fees.

Signagelive supports the BrightSign Series 3 digital signage media players. The collaboration with BrightSign enables the simple management and publishing of images, videos and HTML5 content to any number of BrightSign Players centrally from your web browser using Signagelive’s cloud-based Signage management solution.

Key features include:

  • Full-screen and multi-zone layout support
  • Landscape and portrait support
  • Offline playback of media
  • Video, Images, Webpages, RSS,
  • Remote updates
  • Reporting

Coffman Media and Signagelive have partnered up to provide clients with a white glove experience.  Coffman Media is a certified Signagelive Reseller, making us your key digital signage integrator for Signagelive software along with the BrightSign media players.  

If you need help deciding what pieces of technology will create the best digital signage system to get your message across, Coffman Media can do that with a free consultation.  

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