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Introducing Google Chrome Digital Signage

Posted by Nikki Ault on Dec 29, 2015 12:51:09 PM

Cookies and Chrome, Show Me the Connection

chrome digital signageThis time of year plays host to so many traditions, my favorite happens to be the sweet and delicious holiday cookies. Cookies are available all year round and you can make them at any time, but there is something about the holidays that makes cookies taste better.

There are different kinds that you make for certain events. You need to know the event you want them for to know which ingredients or kinds you will go for.

Funny enough, digital signage options seem to be the same. You need to know what your objective is for your digital signage to know which software and hardware you need to use to meet that objective.  

A New Recipe for Digital Signage

There ichrome digital signages a new recipe in the digital signage world that just may have you asking for more information and it’s called, “Chrome Digital Signage,” (for some reason I see this in bright lights). It breaks down to the following:

Chromebox = media and web device from Dell, HP, Asus, and AOpen (a commercial box that can be turned on 24/7), that runs Google’s Chrome Operating System with the Chrome Management Console for device level functionality: pre-configuring of network access, users, tacking, and over 200 other features. 

Digital Signage Content Management System = (in our instance: Signagelive) software used to display/control content such as images, videos, streaming media, and information.

Using Chrome Digital Signage can provide a cost effective solution to your digital signage needs as it eliminates the need for expensive media players while giving you access to the powerful Chrome Management Console.

This effective content management system offers full support for different content formats, options for multizone layouts, scheduling and displaying content across multiple devices worldwide, and proof of content delivery.

Pat-a-Cake Pat-a-Cake, How it Works for A Baker Man

It seems only appropriate, since we are talking about cookies, to use a bakery as an example of how this new recipe works.

So Pat-a-Cake Bakery (yes this is made up) decides they want digital signage to improve their chrome digital signagecustomer experience. They do some research, stumble on this Google Chrome digital signage “thing” and decide to approach Coffman Media (hint hint) to assist them with their digital signage needs.

Pat-a-Cake Bakery does a consultation with Coffman Media, who gets a complete understanding of all of the bakery’s needs. They discuss hardware (such as displays, media players, etc.), software, purpose of their signage, and how they want to use it.

After this consultation, Coffman Media determines that Chrome Digital Signage will be the best route for Pat-a-Cake to meet their objectives, and they will use an existing display they have in the bakery.

The Chromebox comes from a few different manufacturers such as, AOpen, HP, Dell, or Asus, and Coffman Media configures the Chromebox with the Signagelive software, so it is completely ready to go for installation.

After the device is installed, Coffman Media then trains Pat-a-Cake on how to use the Signagelive software and they are now off to the races creating content (or Coffman Media can assist on content creation & management as well) and operating their digital signage solution.

Having Betty Crocker As A Lifeline

chrome digital signageAs the integrator, Coffman Media works with top, globally recognized companies such as Signagelive and Google along with many other hardware vendors to bake a digital signage solution tailored to meet the objectives of each client.

In this “case example” - having the access to the Chromeboxes and Chrome Management Console plus Signagelive – as one of the recipes - means that Coffman Media has the capability to control the device remotely and manage over 200 features such as content creation, rebooting the device, and configuring up to thousands of devices in different locations.

It is similar to the bakery having Betty Crocker as a lifeline while baking. They gain access to the inside knowledge and have the first-hand ability to monitor, configure, and remotely troubleshoot from one console.

May I Take Your Order?

Pat-a-Cake Bakery now has cost-effective digital signage provided by a reputable company who partners with the best. Their digital signage needs have been met and their customers’ experience is improving. Coffman Media helped Pat-a-cake Bakery find the new recipe for digital signage and they can do the same for your company.

Just as your holiday treat recipes are particular for the event you will share them at, so is the digital signage for your company’s message to be shared with your clients. Whether you are a school, corporate office, quick-service / fast-casual restaurant, retail store or a healthcare facility - Coffman Media is here to ask, may I take your order?

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