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Is Digital Signage Also…..Art?

Posted by Jason Ault on Jun 23, 2015 10:19:17 AM

Is Digital Signage Also Art?Well…yes, actually, it is. Think about it for a moment. After all, it IS its own discipline; it has its own special features; its own dynamics; its own special design aspects; its own animation. We have to consider color scheme also. It has gorgeous, colorful content that is usually aesthetically pleasing. Art! 

Yet we really don’t consider art, or content when we start thinking about our digital media signage. In fact content is usually one of the last things we think of, when it should be the very first. Here are a few of the things that should go into the making of the content for your digital signage

  • Internal assessment of needs and direction, prep, get organized
  • Create design brief
  • Understand and connect with the audience 

You need to gather more information than you need, and then gather some more. Information like company expansion plans, demographic audience information you have, even sales figures. Your creative team needs to understand your goals. They need all the insight you can give them into the project; into understanding what it is you want your digital signage to tell everyone about you, your company or your product. Some of it may not seem relevant to being creative, but it is. All of it is. Now is the time to get organized and lay out your plan for what you want your digital signage to say, and what you want it to achieve for you. You want to ensure that your creative team doesn’t waste any time getting right to the point developing the design brief, which will describe the project. The design brief will state all of the goals and expectations, acknowledge the required brand elements and brand tone, and provide a list of deliverables along with a schedule showing how much time is allotted.  It will also have a list of deadlines that will need to be met. 

Keep in mind that picking the right creative team is not always a simple thing. Nor is it always in-house staff! Individual style may be welcome but it does need to be appropriate to the brand. Experience is also a factor when it comes to choosing a team. They may be asked to work late and have a family they would rather spend time with. You need to know from the start that your team is committed to this project and understands deadlines. Most importantly, if you have turned the responsibility over to a creative team, you need to let them have that responsibility. Wait out the first round and see what they come up with before you give them your ideas. You may be pleasantly surprised with what they show you. 

Digital signage content is only “good” if it’s targeted at the desired audience. You have to have an initial understanding of your audience; you must get it right because if this part fails it all fails. Of course, this should all have been worked out earlier. Your brand will probably have been designed for a specific audience. Everyone involved with the digital signage process will use their skills to engage with the audience. Connecting with the audience happens in any number of ways. It might mean intriguing the viewer enough to try that new energy drink, or instilling enough trust that a mother will use a moisturizer on her baby, or making you feel good about using a light bulb that uses a fraction of the energy of traditional bulbs. Connecting with the audience could also mean inspiring them to exercise every day or to adopt a rescued animal as a new family member.

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