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Is There Any Real Value in Healthcare Digital Signage?

Posted by Jason Ault on Apr 15, 2015 9:20:22 AM

Is There And Real Value In Healthcare Digital Signage?Of course there is. While healthcare digital signage can be used to educate waiting patients, it can also be used to generate additional revenue. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that there are at least 1.5 million doctor’s offices in the United States. This figure does not include chiropractor’s offices, dental clinics, medical facilities or hospital waiting rooms. Due to the dynamic nature of the screen content, which can change from image to image or even incorporate video, digital signage is considered one of the most effective tools for communication. 

People waiting in a healthcare office of any kind are a captive audience. Time moves slowly while you are waiting your turn, or waiting for information on a family member or loved one. Many waiting rooms are littered with outdated magazines or pamphlets about various treatments or illnesses. Healthcare digital signage gives the provider the ability to educate patients about key service offerings, reinforce their brand and enhance the patient’s experience. Numerous studies tell us that people are extremely receptive to custom content that can’t be found anywhere else. 

For example, an orthodontist might display a series of videos related to dentistry. An individual doctor has the ability to showcase their skills and showcase additional healthcare opportunities. The doctor can also advertise the technology he uses that sets him apart from other orthodontists. When patients are aware of everything a doctor, or practice, has to offer more revenue opportunities are created. Past patients can be showcased in inspirational segments between the educational segments. Information can be presented in loops that cycle every ten minutes or so. Good digital signage content in a particular healthcare office offers context based on what is relevant for that particular audience at that particular time. 

One way to generate additional revenue for a medical office is to partner with providers of healthcare products and pharmaceutical companies to display advertising. Screen space could be offered to third party advertising based on the demographics of patients likely to be sitting in a given doctor’s waiting room.

Larger medical facilities benefit greatly from digital signage. An additional benefit to digital screens is the elimination of bulletin, or message, boards. Digital is a powerful communications platform. It allows larger facilities, such as hospitals, to add wayfinding to the digital screen. Stories and pictures of recovery can be used as inspirational messages. Healthcare digital signage can also be used for donor recognition, or to recruit donors. 

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, many of the 48 million previously uninsured are now seeking health care. The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates the US is currently short 20,000 doctors, and close to half of the current medical field are over the age of 50. Healthcare digital signage can take over the necessary chore of educating and explaining to patients complex procedures. A digital sign can show before-and-after videos of a specific procedure.

Not only do digital screens educate patients, but also according to recent surveys they enhance overall patient satisfaction as well. Hospitals with digital signage displaying key health care messages are seeing lower readmissions coupled with higher patient satisfaction scores.

So, is there any real value in Healthcare Digital Signage.  The answer is a resounding YES!

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