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Is Your Digital Signage Really Working?

Posted by Jason Ault on Oct 8, 2015 9:05:46 AM

Is Your Digital Signage Really Working?Some time may have passed since you installed your digital signage. Has it helped your business and completed what you’ve expected it to do? You may be asking- how would I know the answers to these? There are measurable steps you could be taking to justify your expense and time put into installing digital signage. We know it can be a process coordinating things together and identifying a solid plan, so here are a few items to examine further.

Financial Expectations

Your goal may have been to reach a certain return on investment. This is a great starting point. You can locate the details of this goal by measuring your assets and using bank information to really dig through different results. The idea here is to run a campaign. Keep your digital display on one rotation for a certain period of time. For this example, use ten slides for a month. Measure the amount of interest you received by this month’s ten slides. Now, change it up and use a different ten slides for the following month. Measure the results against each other and determine which produces greater inflow.

Long Term Goals

With long term goals, first: determine a measurable goal. Create a message and include a trackable call- to- action. This can either be a webpage they can visit after viewing your slide, an email to contact or another type of response. As you do with any goal, keep measuring and updating. Track the amount of people who visit the webpage or contacts who deliver the email. Viewers let you know they saw the presentation by taking the recommended action, without any added pressure from your sales team.


Your brand is important if users want to know who to contact or who they may potentially do business with. When you use different types of displays, you’re able to see which receives the best response. Different displays include touch screen, large screens versus small screens, changing color versus monochromatic, images versus text. Whichever seems more popular with your audience, is the display you should be using. After determining this factor, you’ll be able to see which slides are favorable. In this case, include your brand or logo on these particular slides.

The Right Customer

One of the most important parts of reaching your goals depends completely on your audience. Businesses know this statement, but nearly half of them fail to completely understand it. When creating content for your slides on your digital signage, it should not showcase only you and your business. Offer valuable, helpful and relevant information as often as you can. The more interest that sparks with consumer- focused information, the more you’ll see those responses to the call- to- action you chose to include.

Every business wants more revenue. Every business wants, well- more business. Follow these simple action- items to get one step closer.

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