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Marketing with Digital Outdoor Screens

Posted by Jason Ault on Oct 20, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Marketing with Digital Outdoor ScreensThink about walking outside downtown. What do you see? Maybe some bicyclists, some flowers, stores, people, store signs. The first of the store signs you may see is the small chalkboard you almost ran into. These are typically located on the sidewalk. Instead of your potential customers running into one of these signs, you may want to approach this idea differently. Your storefront may have the name of the store displayed, but how else can you attract the people walking down the street enough to get them to want to come in? This is where digital outdoor screens can come into play.

An outdoor screen can work with many ideas. You’ll want them to display something enticing. If you own a retail or clothing store, a digital outdoor screen can promote what is inside of your store. You may choose to include pictures of sample outfits or an ad stating that clearance is an additional 30% off! Some retail stores offer coupons after spending a certain amount. This would be the perfect space to inform the shoppers coming into or walking by your store about the coupon.

If you are a part of the restaurant scene, people like the idea of having the menu displayed outside. A digital screen can inform your passersby of the soup special or cocktail of the day. With a digital screen, you can update frequently, therefore the lunch- to- dinner or brunch- to- lunch change can take place quickly. Starbucks uses digital screens outside of their front door to update their customers about “Starbucks Rewards”. On certain days, if you make a purchase, you receive two stars instead of one. Displaying this news outside of the store will draw those people in who were planning on just walking by.

Venturing throughout Columbus, I tend to see real estate companies utilizing outdoor screens the most. A digital screen within real estate enables you to display:

  • different houses available
  • business real estate
  • pictures of the housing
  • pictures of every room in the house
  • different prices
  • office locations
  • new markdowns
  • different locations with housing real estate available
  • every realtor that is available for contact with their phone number or email
  • The list goes on!

There are plenty of ways to really utilize outdoor screens to display your company, promote your services, advertise and engage with consumers. Digital screens give you an opportunity to be creative and think outside the box. In these cases, outdoor screens are a perfect asset for marketing and revving up your sales.

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