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Our Ideas on IAdea: Commercial Digital Signage Hardware Pioneers

Posted by Nikki Ault on Jan 17, 2017 1:54:39 PM

digital signage partnersLast week was a big week for the collaborative partnerships between Coffman Media, Signagelive, and IAdea.  Signagelive kicked off 2017 with a "Partners Day" to share their roadmap for the year, discuss future strategies, and to get some face to face time with the partners.  

Jason, Coffman Media's Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, attended the Partners Day that took place over a 2-Day span.  During that time Jason had the opportunity to chat with IAdea's CEO, John Wang, and learn more about the commercial digital signage hardware gurus, IAdea.    

Who is IAdea?

IAdea_logo_V2.pngIAdea is a true pioneer in the commerical digital signage world.  A company that started in 2000, they provide innovative commercial-grade media players and displays for your digital signage needs.  They focus on providing solutions for five primary industries:  Education, Retail, Corporate, Quick Service Restaurant, and Hospitality.  

Their collaboration with Signaglive, a leading cloud-based digital signage software service, has created quite the opportunity for those looking for more robust, industrial-grade digital devices.  The duo has created a feature rich, scalable, and affordable solution.  Together, they have fostered a strong digital signage ecosystem with installations over 76 networks in 20 countries.

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IAdea Media Players To Consider

MBR-1100: This media player is IAdea's most compact, affordable device.  It meets size convenience needs by fitting directly to the back of your display as it is only the size of a deck of playing cards.  This device streams full HD video and conveys it's power through the advanced cloud-based content (such as Signagelive).  

It's Wifi connectivity allows it to become the perfect solution for driving dynamic content anywhere.  As opposed to it's competitors, IAdea's MBR-1100 offers a large antenna for Wifi connections, but has the option of a wired LAN access as well.  This device is ideal for replacing printed materials with digital signage kiosks.  

XMP-6400:  Displaying the game?  You may want to consider the XMP-6400.  This device is a 1080p device that integrates HDMI input.  You get the best of both worlds by providing the game and your drink specials, all on the same display.  Those specials and the game can be provided on the screens indoor or out as they support temperatures from 32* degrees fahrenheit to 122* degrees fehrenheit.  

Compared to the PC solution, the XMP-6400 generates 6 times less of CO2.  This device helps you utilize touch experiences such as wayfinding, product selection, and more.  It is great for the sports bar (as indicated above, as well as, the break room and reception areas.  Even IP streaming video is available.  You know you can't get enough of those YouTube videos. 

XMP-7300:  This IAdea device kicks it up just a notch by providing full 4K playback.  You can create very dynamic presentations on a media player that is fanless and can thrive in temperatures from 32* degrees fahrenheit to 122* degrees fahrenheit.  

The XMP-7300 is a robust, solid, scalable unit that comes preinstalled with AnyTiles for video wall use.  Signagelive is the first software partner to support AnyTiles control through SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language).  You can also brand your videos with your logo using the XMP-7300, the first device to offer this option.  For a 4K media player, this one goes unrivalled.  

The image below was pulled from IAdea's website to help illustrate a quick breakdown of the different media players.   (Note:  we did not highlight the XMP-6250, but you can get the specs belowScreen Shot 2017-01-16 at 11.59.41 PM.png

IAdea's commercial media players paired with Signagelive's cloud based software service, create a great combination for Coffman Media to offer clients who are seeking a more commercial-based digital signage solution.  As a full service signage integrator, Coffman Media offers a free consultation to assess your commercial digital signage needs.  

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