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Paying for Digital Signage: No Hidden Costs?

Posted by Jason Ault on Aug 25, 2015 10:06:13 AM

Paying for Digital Signage: No Hidden Costs?Each digital deployment cost is different. Not just the number or size of displays, but also the mounting requirements and labor. Understanding operational costs can help make the right investments toward your digital signage. Post deployment costs may need to be considered, but initial planning and budgeting for digital signage is important. Listed below are a few of the costs you may run into.One- time cost

One- time costs include the initial planning. This includes the location (s), power requirements, network requirements and labor of the installation. Labor may include the costs for the electrician or simply the mounting of the digital sign.

On- going costs

Your digital displays will need to be installed and maintained and so will the content. This may require additional costs from content providers, if your digital signage (DS) company does not provide content creation. You will need to stay in touch with IT and electrical companies if the hosting facility does not comply with DS. Additional on- going costs include software and license renewals, replacing mounts, IT management


An understanding for how vendors charge for their service, dictates how costly software will be. Software- as- a- Service includes a subscription fee. Some companies charge by screen, while others charge by connection. For larger companies investing in DS, an enterprise license may be recommended. There is an upfront investment, then the ongoing operational cost is mostly maintenance fees. These are typically part of Software- as- a- Service fees, plus the IT costs of maintaining servers.


Content includes what displays on the screen, the scheduling, programming and monitoring. Content is a part of a process that includes different services from the company. Strategy and planning is involved. Automated procedures can greatly reduce the cost of planning and creating content.


Equipment is included in up- front costs, but what happens when the display goes out- of- date? Or when the screen doesn’t light up anymore? It may be time for an equipment upgrade. Now, this doesn’t tend to take place for at least two years after the initial purchase, but it is safe to say it may be a later cost. DS companies may charge a maintenance fee in order to update your screen.

The first upfront fee gathers all information for the plan and determines how your DS will be implemented. After that, it depends on the digital signage company you plan to work with. When researching the cost of digital signage, keep these in mind.

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