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Planning Your Digital Signage Project

Posted by Jason Ault on Oct 20, 2014 1:07:14 PM

Planning Your Digital Signage ProjectYou’ve decided you might like to try some digital signage for your business. Now what?  Who do I call?  How do I decide what I want on my dynamic signs?  Where will they be placed?  How many do I need?

Excellent questions all.  Here are a few things you should consider.

The first question to think about is WHY?  Then decide WHAT you want to accomplish. Finally, by what will we determine if we are meeting our objectives with these signs?

Of course, it isn’t as simple as that sounds.  It doesn’t need to be difficult, either.  Careful planning can and does ensure great results.

Think about this:  Who will my audience be? Are my signs going into a retail space for customers to see?  Do I want visitors to my office space or property to see my information? Am I planning an in-house system that will provide my employees with relevant information that will be helpful for productivity or events?  In other words, do you want your digital signage to be promotional or informational?

What information do I want to convey?  Instructions like directions to event locations? Daily specials or sales? Employee alerts?

What do I want the results to be?  Entertaining the viewer while they wait in line?  Generating sales?  Reinforce your product brand? Produce better or more effective strategy for the store, location or company?

How do I want to measure the success of my signage?

If you are considering digital displays you should lay the groundwork first.  Carefully!  Requirements for these boards are completely different than stationary media or even email.  Content is a vital place to start.  Think about how you want your screens to look.  Do you want a banner?  Will your content be seen on a 42-inch screen or a 32-inch screen?  Portrait mode or landscape mode?  Do we need multiple signs?  Will the content be the same, or different for multiple locations?

In addition to deciding what content you want, you should also decide who will contribute to that content.  Do multiple departments need access to contribute to the content information? Is there special training or information contributors need before being allowed to impact content? Does content need to be approved? By whom?

How often do you want your content updated?  Do you want “live” content that updates constantly?  A timed loop that can be updated as often as hourly, or infrequently like monthly?

So, you need to start by defining your objective.  What are your goals and how will you measure and analyze against them?  If you don’t have a clearly defined objective before your signage goes live, you will find yourself trying to climb out of one of the biggest pitfalls of digital signage; having to frequently stop and restart to adjust for a change in the direction the signage needs to go.

What we are telling you is this:  Come up with a clear, concise objective of the goal you foresee with digital signage; decide what type of message you want it to present to your target audience; and what resources do you have for creating the content you want displayed.

Digital signage platforms are many and varied.  They are not identical in any way, including hardware, software or how they will connect. Planning ahead will not only save you time, but money and resources.

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