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Plug and Play Digital Signage Is Here Now!!!

Posted by Jason Ault on May 19, 2015 9:37:47 AM

CoffmanConnect Digital SignageOk, Ok, what’s the big deal? What is Plug and Play? The new version of Nintendo? Oh, wait. You said Plug and Play Digital Signage. Didn’t you?  Why, yes. I most certainly did. Allow me to elaborate, if you please. 

Plug and Play Digital Signage is the next big step in digital signage. It is a proven, effective way to boost sales, engage customers and influence buying behavior. It gives you content management software, training and support, no installation and no capital cost for peripheral equipment.  

            •           CoffmanConnect devices plug into an existing HDMI port

            •           Low/no capital cost

            •           Backed by a name-brand US manufacturer 

If you are familiar with a flash drive, you will know that it is a very small device that fits into the palm of your hand. You insert it into a port, or plug, in your computer, load content onto it, remove the drive from your computer and can then use that flash drive to share or load it’s content to another computer anywhere. The pocket sized Wyse Cloud Connect developed by Dell was released in 2014. Now that generic Dell hardware is paired with specialized CoffmanConnect software optimized for digital signage. A bit larger that a flash drive, simply plug it in to an HDMI port and you have turned any TV into a CoffmanConnect-enabled digital sign. Most large format TV’s today come with an HDMI port. If there is no standard MHL support, which provides power through HDMI, the device can be powered through a USB or wireless keyboard instead, in order to type a name and password for the network. This step does not need to be repeated once the connection is established. 

Because you are using an existing TV as your digital sign, there is no cost for peripheral equipment! The capital cost for the media player is low; the device cost is included with a 12-month subscription to CoffmanConnect with a pay-as-you-go plan. The setup process is simple; plug it in and it works! Perhaps best of all, there is no installation cost as the equipment is there already. Maintenance is also quite simple, with the ability to replace the entire system without the need to roll in a truck. And of course project management is greatly simplified. To make changes to the content playlist, just log into your account a 

The physical device itself had been designed to meet the demands of mission critical business applications. It is backed by a name brand US manufacturer with a global support network. The CoffmanConnect device uses the same hardware as the generic Dell Cloud Connect, however currently the only version optimized for digital signage is the CoffmanConnect version. The only market availability at this time is through Coffman Media.

Certified CoffmanConnect devices can be used by Coffman Media customers to quickly connect any HDMI-enabled television to the Coffman Media network. 

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