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Pretty Woman, Improv and Digital Signage. Yes, They All Connect.

Posted by Jason Ault on May 6, 2015 11:36:10 AM

Pretty Woman, Improv and Digital Signage. Yes, They All ConnectA stunningly beautiful, Julia Roberts stands awkwardly, staring down at a gorgeous necklace being presented to her by her gentleman caller, Richard Gere in the film Pretty Woman. She gently reaches her hand into the velvet box and SLAP, the box is closed like a chomping alligator onto her hand in a very teasing manner by Mr. Gere. She laughs so naturally that her obnoxiously wonderful loud laugh and the scene itself will become one of the most iconic of the film. 

Funny enough, this scene took place as a joke and was not part of the script, but it was something done in the right place, at the right time, and is now remembered by anyone who endears the movie. This opportunity was a passing instant that became such an impactful scene that it made you fall in love with Julia Roberts’ character. This scene, minus the slapping lid, may have just been another beautiful scene in the movie that flowed right along and been lost within the film as a whole (unless you happen to be a Julia Roberts’ fan and have seen the movie 438 times), had it not been for the opportune moment that Richard Gere acted upon.

This type of opportune moment actually has an associated word, it is the Greek word Kairos, meaning a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action:  the opportune and decisive moment (source:  merriam-webster). I’m guessing if you are a business owner, you often use your marketing gurus to find the Kairos, the opportune moment and right thing to say in the right moment to reach your customers. You want the audience to successfully: see and understand your new product, give that employee the kudos they needed by seeing their statistics, produce the desire in that customer to order that new menu item, and to give that necessary emergency directive, all of which would have otherwise never been seen without the use of digital signage.

Digital signage is the cost effective solution enabling Kairos to occur. Any time your audience has a moment to look at a screen, whether it is a waiting room at a doctor’s office, a QSR ordering line, a customer service or sales floor with multiple employees taking and making calls, or within your small business displaying your new product, you can create the right thing to say at the right time, your Kairos moment.  Allowing your customers to get the information you want them to have in a fast, easy, and creative way by using digital signage, may just create that snapping velvet necklace box scene for your business. 

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