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Reasons Why Digital Media Signage Is Effective

Posted by Jason Ault on Apr 30, 2015 10:02:12 AM

Reasons Why Digital Media Signage is EffectiveThis subject is, if you think about it, something that has been hidden between the lines in a number of our blogs almost since our very first blog. It is a bit difficult to discuss digital media signage and not also cover the myriad reasons why it is effective. We know this technology will add value to your organization. That being said, we’re going to narrow down some of the measurable ways and hone it on a few that are likely of most importance to you and your business, whether you are a casual fast food restaurant, a middle school or university, a large corporation or a clothing chain. 

  • Solidify your customer and vendor relations
  • Attract attention better and faster
  • Increase efficiency of your employees
  • Deliver critical information more efficiently 

Digital signage can help you to improve relationships with existing customers. Use digital signage for promoting special offers to your customers. Start a loyalty-based reward or discount program. In hotel or corporate lobbies, you could welcome visitors and provide special information regarding events, schedules and locations.

Thank a vendor you have a long and appreciative relationship with by running a tagline across the bottom of your sing. Or run a quick digital video ad for some of your merchants and watch their product fly out the door. Great way to solidify your relationship with that vendor!

The natural human reaction to motion is to look at it. Our brains are actually programmed for motion. That's why you see digital billboards on the highway—they gain our attention. Dynamic signs HOLD our attention better. By using digital signage, hotels or medical facilities can share helpful information in lobbies and waiting areas; employee communications in a corporate environment may be delivered quickly and efficiently; other establishments can successfully promote products and services to customers at the exact time and place when they are making their decision in a retail environment. Customers and employees are educated as well as informed. 

In an office environment email can be very effective. In production it doesn’t work quite as well. For example, at an industrial plant a manager with digital signage can convey important information to employees. That information is vital to maintaining a safe and efficient environment. Digital signage can also be helpful in the retail sector and many others as an effective form of communication with employees. It can helps build a stronger sense of company unity by using digital signs to both inform employees of upcoming company contests and other events, along with congratulating employees on achievements and recognizing birthdays. 

In the event of an emergency when critical, life saving information must be conveyed quickly and accurately, digital media signage is as effective as it gets. You can alert employees, customers and other guests of exit locations, storm shelters and other vital information. Certain digital signage systems can display local alerts through built-in third-party Emergency Alert Software, which many school districts now use. Digital signage offers a means to target critical lifesaving information to specific areas threatened by severe weather or other emergency and can do so within seconds with the proper planning.

So, it’s safe to say that digital media signage has rapidly become part of the overall marketing mix. It can and does offer benefits from a customer, employee and marketing standpoint. And that was just four of the reasons.

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