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Restaurant Digital Signage? Why Not?

Posted by Jason Ault on Nov 4, 2014 1:03:00 PM

Restaurant digital signageDigital signage gives a number of solutions for the casual dining restaurant. Not only for promos about future events and daily specials, but how about highlighting loyal customers or community events? This dynamic media allows the owner/manager more control of the customer’s purchasing choices. That means easier upselling at the point-of-purchase.  Content layout, which is displayed on the screen, enhances branding efforts. Your customers will find it easier to order at your fast casual venue when the menu board content is designed well. You can even alert a party when their table is ready.  We’ve mentioned it before, but how about a display of great new menu items that will soon be available to your diners?

Fast or casual dining is a rapid paced environment.  Digital signage is surprisingly easy to help you keep up.  It can be quickly updated.  Whether it is a change in your prices, displaying seasonal or special menus, building loyalty, encouraging repeat customers, highlighting meal combos, or doing any update for day parting, this digital solution has extraordinary speed and is remarkably efficient. It can be scheduled in advance so that the content changes in order to target an audience that changes during the day and into the evening.  Constant and instant display updates is so simple it can be customized for certain hours, or it can cater to the locals.  You will be able to showcase menu items that are relevant to your market target. You will deliver the right message to the right customer at the perfect time.  Staying ahead of your competition becomes a simple matter of making real-time adjustments to your display.

How many times have you wished you could test your promotions and prices easily?  How many times have you regretted spending a small fortune to print a menu that just doesn’t sell your food well, not to mention having paid for artwork and/or graphic design?  How many times have you tried to train your wait- and order-staff in cross selling or up-selling? Have you ever wished you had an eye-catching video that made your customer’s mouths water while they watched? Or how often have you wondered if there were a way to change the behavior of your customers to meet your predefined goals?  Restaurant digital signage is the solution to all of these difficulties.  Besides enhanced menus and nutrition/allergy information, you have the ability to entertain waiting customers, display positive reviews from the local paper, and really create a buzz about your eatery.  More and more, people are eating out for lunch and dinner. Why not do something that will help make your place to eat, the place of choice?

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