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Signagelive Introduces Interactive Meeting Room Display App

Posted by Nikki Ault on May 21, 2018 10:36:25 AM

interactive meeting room displayA whopping 25 million meetings take place PER DAY in the United States.  That's ALOT! 

That means their are millions of meeting rooms where these meetings are taking place that have to be scheduled. 

Digital signage, and more specifically Signagelive, can now make this process a little easier for you. The cloud-based digital signage software solution company that provides free updates and support for their end license users, has introduced a new calendar integration app that is interactive with their meeting room displays directly. 

The latest buzz happens to be centered around corporate communication and interactive room booking.  Until now, Signagelive has never had a captivating offer for booking meeting rooms. 

Recently, they released an enhanced interactive Room Booking app that allows for simple room booking capabilities right from the meeting room sign.  Talk about easy. 

interactive meeting room screen

You can schedule meetings in real time for current or future times, extend active meetings, and cancel reservations, all from the meeting room sign.  

Interactive displays tend to create a more personalized and customizable experience for the end user.  Being able to directly interact and touch screens allows them to better achieve the results they desire.

How do I connect?  Sign in to Signagelive, connect to your Google account (as the app only supports Google accounts for the time being), access your rooms, assign the rooms to one of the calendar widget templates, and then publish to a Signagelive supported touch display device.

The enhancement also allows you to build a list of rooms when you have a multi-room facility to showcase that list in your lobby or reception areas to assist visitors and employees with up to date information regarding their meetings and events.  The widget allows for portrait and landscape layouts.  

The best thing about being a Signagelive user is when they make updates because you get them for free!

To learn more about Signagelive and how Coffman Media, a leading digital signage integrator, can help you create an interactive solution for your corporate communication needs, click below for a free consultation.  

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