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Signagelive Launches YouTube Widget for Digital Signage

Posted by Nikki Ault on May 30, 2017 3:10:01 PM

signagelive_logo-1.pngWhen you partner with one of the top digital signage software platform companies, you get excited when they make big announcements.  Today, was one of those days.  

Signagelive has created a platform that offers digital signage as a service. They partner with over 440 resellers globally, including Coffman Media, to provide software, hardware, support and additional services.  Through their Signagelive Marketplace, they offer over 500 backgrounds, templates, and widgets that are downloadable to use on your Signagelive digital signage network and players.  

Announced today, Signagelive has launched a new YouTube widget, available through their marketplace (Insert cheers and applause).youtube-344106_960_720.png

With the required playlist or live stream, YouTube videos can be added to that playlist and configured for playback.  This is something to be excited about when they tell you "content is king," because you now have the endless playback possiblities of YouTube.  Talk about entertainment for your audience!

You can use the new YouTube widget to permanently display videos, playlists, and YouTube Live Streams on your screen, use within a multizone layout, or schedule within a playlist containing other media as well.  With over a billion users, it's easy to see why YouTube makes sense and how  your digital signage content just got more exciting.  Thanks Signagelive!

If you have questions about Signagelive or how this widget can come in handy on your Signagelive network, Coffman Media can answer those questions and provide you a free consulation.  

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