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Thankful Thinking.

Posted by Jason Ault on Nov 24, 2015 12:46:21 PM



It’s that wonderful time of year again, that time of year when the leaves change colors and fall to the ground, when the air gets crisp and you can see your breath, when you indulge in too much pumpkin everything, and when you are asked that age old question, “What are you thankful for this year?”  As a entrepreneur or business leader you may be thankful for a few things such as: your family who loves you, friends that support you, time freedoms and luxuries of being your own boss, and your (hopefully) growing business. 


These things only begin to scratch the surface of thankfulness for an entrepreneur or business leader.  Thinking more outside the box, diving deeper into the realm of thankfulness, and really getting an understanding for some underlying reasons to truly be thankful, we are sharing with you a list of eight of those “things” to consider adding to your thankful list this year. 


  1. Be Thankful for Your Efforts. 

    As an entrepreneur or business leader, your success is a direct reflection of your own efforts.  Your efforts also set the bar for everyone else who may work for you and with you. When you possess and put forth your strongest efforts, those around you will follow, influencing your business to move in the right direction.
  2. Personal Growth.

    Every day, you get a choice on where and who you will learn things from, what will motivate you to keep going, and study from those who have “been there, done that.”  You decide who and what will have an impact on you and your business.  Read as often as you can, watch podcasts and seminars of those in your same line of business, have conversations with mentors, and reflect and write about your journey.  Growing your mind will grow your business.
  3. The Digital World.

    Customers can find your products and services through multiple mediums, but often the most used, is the internet.  Between your website, social media sites, review sites, bloggers, etc. your business can be, and will be, found.  Although the internet has developed a negative connotation sometimes, be thankful that you can reach such a vast audience from your own home or office. 
  4. Professional Relationships that Become Personal.

    You meet someone interested in becoming a client of yours; you shake hands, converse over business and find out some personal things too. You now have common interests in business and in your personal life, so you decide to grab dinner with spouses or schedule a play date with your children.  What started as a professional meeting has grown into a friendship.  Be thankful for similar experiences, values, and connections and budding friendships. 
  5. Creative Talents.

    As an entrepreneur or business leader you are seeing your creative talents come to life.  You created, developed, and introduced an idea or a concept and you can share it with the world without having to gain the “ok” from your boss’ boss’ boss whom you have never met.
  6. You Can Make a Difference.

    As a leader you are a problem solver.  Your product or service has been created to solve a problem.  Perhaps that solved problem impacts humanity for the better.  You have the ability with your product or service to leave your mark on the world making a true difference in a positive way.
  7. You Have a Supportive Significant Other.

    Be thankful that you have a teammate in this game.  Whether they are a part of your business on paper, they are in this with you 100%.  You may stumble, you may make wrong decisions, you may have to learn as you go, you may miss significant milestones, you may have to travel, you may have goals and dreams that everyone else thinks are crazy.  If your significant other stands by your side and can give you a high five on the good days, and a hug on the not so good days, and pushes you to pursue those dreams, you have a lot to be thankful for. 
  8. Beauty and the Pain.

    When you are the business owner it is your blood, sweat, tears, time, efforts, pride, creativity, and soul that often go into its growth.  This means everything that happens in your business impacts you and your emotions to the max.  Pain is something a lot of leaders suffer through as they learn and grow, but because you bear that pain to the extreme, you also get to experience the beauty of being a leader as well, to the extreme.  The painful moments allow the great moments to be that much more gratifying.

Be thankful.  Be Grateful.  Be Blessed. 

Happy Thanksgiving from the Coffman Media team!


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