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The 3 Types of Signagelive Licenses

Posted by Nikki Ault on Apr 3, 2018 10:33:57 AM

Signagelive LicensesWhen making the decision for digital signage software, we, Coffman Media, have more than made the case for Signagelive and why we have partnered with such a leading software platform. 

Signagelive is a cloud-based software company offering free support, unlimited users, unlimited storage, an unrivaled choice in technology, and transparent pricing for licenses. 

Licenses, you ask?  What types of licenses does Signagelive offer through value added reseller, Coffman Media?

Well, all licenses include:

  • Free support by Coffman Media and Signagelive
  • Free software updates
  • Unlimited online storage
  • Unlimited Users

Now, when you are looking for 1, 5 10, 100, 500 licenses, managing these licenses can become cumbersome.  You may not purchase all licenses at the same time creating multiple different renewal dates.  The headache this can cause is enough to send you in a tizzy. 

We can help! 

We offer annual, monthly, and co-term licenses. 

Annual Licenses:  1-5 year terms are available and pricing is per connected device/player.

Monthly Licenses:  With the purchase of 10 or more licenses, you can have the option of monthly payments vs. annual.  This helps equalize and stabilize the capital expenses for a company and allows for a simple monthly bill on the operational expense side of the balance sheet. 

And for the newest offering from Coffman Media, a Co-term license.  When you are purchasing multiple licenses at different times, a co-term license helps bring your licenses into sync for an easy to remember renewal date. 

For example:  Company A has purchased a number of licenses in the month of July.  A few months later, in October, Company A decides to purchase a number more.  Company A will just pay the prorated length of time for purchase date to your master renewal date to sync all licenses together, thus giving Company A a single annual bill for ALL license renewals.  These are co-term licenses.

Co-term licenses are offered to new and existing Coffman Media customers and are not valid on trial licenses. 

To find out how to co-term your licenses, or to find the best terms for you, contact Coffman Media here.  After all, our focus is your message!

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