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The Cure Starts Now Digital Display

Posted by Jason Ault on Sep 25, 2015 10:56:43 AM

The Cure Starts Now Digital DisplayDigital signage is everywhere! It’s an exciting time for our company and I’m excited about where the industry is taking us. Today, you can find a digital sign wherever you shop, eat, drink, work; it’s all around you. I wanted to share a story about my trip to Graeters last week, where immediately upon entering, I saw a digital display for a good cause.

Graeters is hosting a “cones for the cure” campaign. Donations are appreciated and all proceeds with go to The Cure Starts Now. You can donate by purchasing a coupon book or just out of generosity. Twice this month, they will offer a free scoop of blueberry ice cream to raise awareness.

The Cure Starts Now is a group with a mission to find a cure to all cancers. They focus on pediatric brain cancer. This foundation began with a little girl, Elena Desserich. She was five years old with brain cancer. She became an artist and her artwork raised awareness. Some drawings are hung up in museums and one of her drawings is the muse of The Cure Starts Now’s logo. Her parents documented her journey and published a book called “Notes Left Behind”. You may purchase this book to also contribute.

Lauren Hill, a college basketball player at Mount St. Joseph, inspired people throughout the entire country. She was 19 years old and was diagnosed with brain cancer. She played her heart out and while doing so, created her own campaign called LAYUP4LAUREN. You can pledge to donate 22, 122 or 222 dollars a month, to honor her basketball number: 22.

As The Cure Starts Now states on their website:

“There are many more children and many more stories. All of which make our mission so important and are the reason why we must proceed in a unified effort to cure cancer. Each child represents a life, an opportunity, and a chance. They are part of our soul, our mission and their pictures grace our web site. We are not a foundation from one child, instead we are a mission of many. This is why The Cure Starts Now Foundation fights for the cure for other children with brainstem glioma and cancer survivors everywhere. Our mission has received the attention of the local and international press. Our fundraising efforts have come from over 20 locations worldwide and countless fundraisers spanning the globe with additional families joining our mission daily. What started with just one child now becomes the mission of people nationwide.”

Digital displays can do much more than hold places for selling products. It can create a vision and a story; and like this display in Graeters, it can move you to tears and prompt you to take action.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, so be sure to stop by a Graeters to show your support!

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