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The Google Chrome Solution For Digital Signage

Posted by Nikki Ault on Oct 5, 2016 8:15:00 AM

chrome_logo_2x.pngDigital Signage systems often require, at minimum, a display, a media player, content management system (CMS), and content.  The media player is the piece that runs the digital signage therefore making it the "pricey" portion of the signage system.  Or so you assume. 

Last December, we introduced to you the Google Chromebox for Digital Signage.  A quick definition from Google says it is "An affordable, reliable and flexible device platform that makes digital signage practical, for one screen or a thousand."  

Using Google Chrome Digital Signage can provide a cost effective solution to your digital signage needs.  It eliminates the need for expensive media players while giving you access to the powerful Chrome Management Console.  

This effective content management system, such as our staple - Signagelive,  offers full support for different content formats, options for multizone layouts, scheduling and displaying content across multiple devices worldwide, and proof of content delivery.

We Implemented Google Chromeboxes

Being a Google for Work Technology Partner, and knowing the place Google holds as a leader in the industry, we decided to begin implementing Google Chromeboxes as a digital signage solution option for some of our clients.  

Because of it's flexible configurations that satisfy a range of digital signage needs, we have found use for it in many different industries.  We have utilized the Chrome boxes within convenience stores, dispensaries, food trucks, corporations, schools, and healthcare facilities.  

Is Google Chrome the right solution for your digital signage needs?  Click Here.

In fact, we have implemented and activated over 200 ChromeOS driven media players, successfully I might add, this year.  

What are a few of the different Chrome media players that we have used?  

Chrome Boxes Explained 

acer_chromebox.png Acer Chromebox:  There are 4 Acer Chromebox models.  All 4 come with the Chrome operating system creating an ease of use with your favorite Google apps and the ability to use the remote desktop to access an application or Windows system file.  

The dual antenna ensures a more reliable wireless connection.  They range from 2GB-8GB and have 16GB of flash memory.  Two boast the Intel Celeron processing system, and two boast the Intel Core processing system.  They all incorporate a built-in virus protection to ensure the integrity of your data.  

aopen_chromebox.jpgAOpen Chromebox:  AOpen chromebox is a commercial grade device that runs the Chrome OS setting itself apart from any other chromebox.  It will operate 24/7, including temperatures up to 140 degrees F.  It runs on an Intel Quad Core processing system, holds 4GB memory and all covered by a 5-year Manufacturer Warranty!

Some fun features include:  built-in bluetooth, supports dual screens, auto power and auto recovery, long range Wifi, and built-in commercial ports to power POS systems and more.  

hp_chromebox.pngHP Chromebox:  The HP Chromebox is a sleek, small affordable chromebox running the Chrome OS.  It has built-in Wifi and Bluetooth wireless technology allowing you to enjoy fast, reliable wireless connections.  

The HP Chromebox holds 4GB memory and is full HD dual monitor capable.  It runs on the Intel Celeron processor with Intel HD graphics.

asus_chromebit.jpgAsus Chromebit:  The Asus Chromebit is the smallest Chrome OS device in a candy-bar sized stick.  Its easy plug and play feature allows you to turn any display into a computer.  It is a cost-effective, highly-scalable for digital signage and kiosks.

The Chromebit holds 2GB memory and is optimized for video playback.  It's a simple solution for self-service checkouts, wayfinding, and schools.  It has dual band Wifi and bluetooth and has both HDMI and USB ports.  

The Asus Chromebit received the 2015 Good Design Award and the 2016 CES Innovation Award.

How Coffman Media Can Help...

As mentioned earlier, Coffman Media has helped deploy over 200 chrome devices this year.   Whether that is the solution for you or possibly something completely different, Coffman Media can help you assess your digital signage needs.

Digital signage is unique for each for each company’s message.  Whether you are a school, corporate office, quick-service / fast-casual restaurant, retail store or a healthcare facility, Coffman Media can provide you a FREE Consultation.  

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