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The Magic of a Digital Menu

Posted by Jason Ault on Jul 14, 2015 9:00:00 AM

The Magic of a Digital MenuOne of the best things about digital menus, is their ability to drive higher sales, while at the same time seeing your customers leave more satisfied than ever before. In Quick Service Restaurants, Buffets, Cafes, Steak Houses, Coffee Houses, almost everywhere you go for a meal, you are likely to see a digital menu board. They have taken hold for one simple reason; they work.

With a digital menu, you are able to take control of your customers’ experience in a way that a backlit panel was never able to give you. A digital signage system allows you the unparalleled flexibility and ability to promote your menu items to each and every customer. You can:

  • Update prices and items anytime.
  • Upsell at point of sale.
  • Instantly change from breakfast to lunch, or lunch to dinner & rotate specials at a scheduled time of your choosing. 

Is there a particular product you have wanted to try, but you weren’t quite sure how it would sell in your market? And the cost of purchasing enough of that product, to say nothing of running a print campaign to let your customers know you would be offering the dish, was just a bit more than you wanted to put out right now. With your menu board, it’s as simple as sending an email to advertise a short time special, along with the price. Bring in a limited amount of inventory and see how well it sells. If it does well you can make it a permanent menu item. If not, you haven’t lost much. You have gained the flexibility to test different products and pricing without the huge financial commitments of expensive print promotions and backlit panels. Additionally, if you experience a general increase in the cost of doing business you can make an increase to your menu board overnight.

Digital Menu Boards also allow  a wonderful opportunity to change consumer behavior at the point of sale, enhance your brand image, schedule promotions during peak periods and increase cross-selling & up-selling opportunities. Half of all buying decisions are made at the point of purchase, and that includes food purchases. If you have attractive, alluring pictures of food and drinks on a digital menu board, with descriptions that are mouth watering and inviting, even the best server can’t do better. Persuasive pictures on an electronic board are far more persuasive than those printed on a paper menu. And digital menus are becoming more and more the norm for upsell in high-class restaurants. For example, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s establishments have wine lists that allow customers to search for food compatibility, ratings, location, taste and recommendations.

With digital signage, you are able to schedule your dayparting far in advance. So every day at ten thirty you want to switch over from your breakfast menu to your lunch menu. You would schedule that in to change automatically. Perhaps you have certain promotions that you would like to have happen every week. Maybe you want to have every other Monday as seniors day, or perhaps fish every Friday. All of these things, and more, can be programmed in advance so you don’t need to worry about remembering to change your menu boards. All of your specials and your dayparting will happen automatically. A good dayparting strategy will help your establishment to be profitable. A good digital menu will allow you to implement that strategy automatically without worrying about having to manually change your boards. Best of all, it can take place behind the scenes. You will be able to keep making good food and taking care of your customers, who will never even notice the magic that is taking place on your menu board! 

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