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The Selfie Revolution for Media Signage

Posted by Jason Ault on Sep 17, 2015 9:00:00 AM

The Selfie Revolution and Media SignageMillennials today. They’re huge fans of documenting who they’re with and what they are doing. From the food eaten to when they’re going to sleep. It’s more important to take a selfie than enjoy the view. Social media isn’t just about sharing connections with friends and family anymore; it’s about what you’ve accomplished and whose attention you’ve received.

The more a millennial is able to document experiences through text and picture, the better judgement others receive. With media signage, companies need to keep up with their pages, including social media. It’s a huge market for seller to buyer communication. According to, 63% of millennials rely on social media to keep up with their favorite brands. The more you utilize social media, the higher the chance that someone will see your company and what it stands for.

With media signage, it makes that connection simple. Millennials are very digital and tech savvy. They want to be updated quickly on the newest item, most popular trend and most interesting changes. They value change, therefore are likely to lose interest quickly with repetition or static signage. Being documented as having the shortest attention span, they continually seek stimulation. Digital signage can increase attention rates by 200%! With constant changing slides, music, video and direct user engagement, digital signage attracts millennials and keeps their attention.

With digital signage and the ability to capture user interaction, business are finding out how influential and necessary media signage is to incorporate. Businesses can focus on what their potential audience wants, while providing it in an attractive, engaging way.

Software allows media signage to implement different websites, including social media. This way, consumers are able to interact, while sharing online. You’re able to build an entire campaign around one product. For example, say you’re using media signage to sell craft beer. You can display pictures of the beer, people drinking the beer, different recommended breweries, bars that sell that particular beer, t- shirts or extra gear with the beer label and more. You can then use a link to Twitter, where viewers can use a hashtag, like #DrinkMoreBeer. You may offer a free beer through your media signage if someone takes a selfie or uploads a picture of it to Instagram. You may even promote to like your page on Facebook. The more you involve your audience, the more promotion you’ll receive.  

Millennials aren’t all about the selfie, but they are constantly looking for the next best thing. There is no need for static signage, when you can display your service or product in an enticing way. The more use of media signage, the more connection, interest and satisfaction. 

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