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The Top 6 Digital Media Players To Run Your Digital Signage

Posted by Nikki Ault on Sep 2, 2016 9:20:48 AM

Baskin-Robbins_TigerCity_Taichung.jpgAs you begin your search for a digital signage system you will quickly realize there are more media player options to choose from than standing in front of a Baskin Robbins' counter trying to decide on one of their 31 flavors! 

A quick background if you are new to the digital signage world, there are 4 major components that make up a digital signage system:  

  • Hardware - which consists of your display screen and media player
  • Software - which is what runs your hardware and displays your content
  • Content - the actual information you want to display on your screen to your audience
  • Content Management System (CMS) - how your content is managed (which can be done by a subject matter expert in your office, or a digital signage solution integrator/provider)

A digital signage media player, aka media player, is the device that runs the Content Management Software to allow the correct scheduling and playback of your content.  Media players can be external devices that can connect to any display, or with the advancement in cloud computing and System on Chip (SoC) hardware, such as LG WebOS Smart Displays or Samsung Smart Signage Displays, the media player is built-in.

So what are the best choices?

Our Top 6 Media Player Choicesannotated_SLTV.png

Samsung Smart Signage Displays:  Yes, that's why we mentioned them above as well.  
Samsung has integrated Smart chip technology into their commercial displays meeting your needs from 10" displays all the way up to 95" displays.  The Samsung Smart Signage and Signagelive solution is easy to install, energy efficient, lowers cost to install, maintain, and run, and offers features such as multizone layouts, live TV, screen control, monitoring, and reporting.

LginPLasma.jpgLG WebOS Displays:  Another system on chip technology display that meets commercial needs from 22" to 98".  Key features include: Full-screen and multi-zone layout support, landscape and portrait support, offline playback of media, video, images, webpages, RSS, HDMI input, screen on/off control, and device monitoring and reporting.  

Signagelive for Google Chrome:  This solution enables any Google Chromebox, Chromebit, or Chromebase to become the media google-chrome.jpgplayer.  This is a powerful, yet cost effective device for powering your digital signage.  Check out more about Google Chrome for Digital Signage here

iAdea.pngIAdea Players and Displays:  These are non-PC HD and 4K devices with an integrated player in 10" to 24".  These cost effective devices offer the latest in interactive applications and can be triggered by motion and can be multi-touch.  Features include; HDMI input for Live TV, multi-zone support and enhanced monitoring and reporting.

maxresdefault-4.jpgViewsonic NMP -302W:  This is a network media player offering 1080p multimedia playback on large format displays.  Features include supporting the latest HTML5 and SMIL standards, auto reboot for system outages for continuous playback, integrated 8gb of memory, and built-in wireless connectivity.  

image-x4-1800-1265.pngWindows PC (X4-1800 Player):  This Seneca Data PC product is a compact in size, high performance, single output media player.  It features Intel HD Graphics, HDMI and VGA capabilities, and has a media playback at 1080p at 60FPS with an Intel Celeron Processor.   

Learn more about digital signage integrator, Coffman Media here!

Who Are We From Adam?

So you clicked on this article looking for the top 6 media players to run your digital signage.   If you are unfamiliar or "don't know us from Adam," why should you take our word for it?

Coffman Media is a leading digital signage solutions provider based in Dublin, Ohio.  With over 30 years combined experience in the digital signage industry, we offer digital signage solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of specific markets, including healthcare, education, food industries and corporate environments.

Our team is focused on one key goal:  Helping you realize the power of digital signage to meaningfully connect with customers and clients while simultaneously promoting the goals of your business or organization.  

We, as an integrator, only partner with the best software solutions, such as Signagelive, and hardware companies, such as Samsung, and Google.  With this kind of experience, and this type of key goal, our approach to digital signage ensures seamless, scalable integration with a maximum ROI.  

We may not be able to assist you with your ice cream flavor choice, but we've got the knowledge and experience when it comes to your digital signage choices.  Check us out today! 

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