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How To Get Social With A Social Media Wall

Posted by Nikki Ault on Aug 1, 2017 3:55:43 PM

social media wallsWe have all been to events that included a large digital screen ready to display our social posts, photos, comments, selfies, questions, etc., WHILE attending that event.  

Attention is drawn to that social media wall throughout the event, speakers take live questions through it, and people engage with the companies mentioned.  

This is being social with a social media wall.  

It is one thing to engage with a social media wall.  There are so many benefits from the customer's view.   It is a quite another to thing to engage with your customer's or attendees, as an owner of the social media wall.  

So as an owner of that social media wall, we are going to share the 10 best methods for getting social on your social media wall.  

The Top 10 List You've Been Waiting For

10.  Use Sponsors:  Sponsors will pay for advertising space.  Also, they are just as excited to have their product or service highlighted knowing they may have the perfect audience in front of them. 

group silhouette.jpg9.  Display Size Consideration:  What size is the room you are using? How many people will have to "see" the display?  Do you need a landscape or portrait orientation?  All of the answers to these questions can change the experience your customer or attendee has and can impact the level of engagement they may put forth.

8.  Run Contests/Give Away Prizes:  Promote contests or give-aways.  Let's say you decided on a selfie contest (because who can resist a good selfie contest).  You can choose a winner based on platform used (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), or select from a hashtag campaign (which we will go into further later).  

Create countdowns, decide on specific announcements for winners, and give away cheap/free products while on your website to create an enjoyable experience that people want to come back to.

7.  Have A Moderator: When you host an event you typically have an emcee or moderator anyway.  Be sure your moderator is aware of how you would like the social wall used.  This can drastically change the dynamic in the room and get people excited about using their mobile devices to interact with the screen.  

6.  Include Important Event Location Information:  A social media wall is just a digital signage display that people can interact with. Use the digital signage portion as well.  Include the agenda for the event, room assignments if there are break out sessions, and directions to the nearest restrooms or snack/break areas.  

live speaker feedback.jpg5.  Use speaker content with live updates:  Have your speakers at the event send their notes ahead of time.  You can use bullets, key phrases, or memorable quotes from the speaker and make updates to the social media wall in real time.  The audience can communicate their reactions to the speakers in real time.  

4.  Provide recaps:  Is it a multiple day event?  Do you have a multiple session event?  Maybe you had the event in past years.  You can provide recaps to your audience.  Bring them up to speed, highlight past years with photos, and other events your speakers may have attended.  

3.  User generated content:  Let your audience create the content that runs through your social media wall.  Pictures, videos, quotes, memes, hashtags (we will get to this one soon), tags...all are created by the audience and should be shared.  

2.  Turn your audience into content creators:  This is an extra spin from #4.  You can pose questions, ideas, and topics for conversation and then have your audience respond through social media.  They can be the ones to pose questions during a Q&A portion to the speakers and have the speaker answer them live on stage. 

hashtag social media walls.png1.  Use Hashtags:  This could not be more important because the majority of the work must be done prior to the day of the event.  Come up with a creative hashtag for your event and start using it in all of your marketing materials.  Ask people to use the hashtag on all user generated content posts.  Put the hashtag on all branded materials.  Let it work for you.  #socialmediawalls

Who Can Help Me With Social Media Walls?

Coffman Media, a digital signage solutions integrator, has partnered with Seenspire to take your event to the next level.  

Seenspire enables you to create your own social media channel with live updates, images and videos that can be displayed through your digital signage system.  This allows you to keep your digital signage content fresh and people interacting with it.  

You can create custom designed layouts in portrait and landscape options so your content is always visually appealing.  You can create hashtag campaigns to increase online traffic and boost conversations.  

SeenspireSeenspire also allows you to pull in your favorite influencers and their content to post through your signage. 

Seenspire also allows you to protect your brand in staying classy with automatic or manual moderation and profanity filters.  This being a top priority for any business when looking at using UGC.  

Coffman Media and Seenspire can help supercharge your content.  Find out more with the link below.  

Supercharge With Seenspire & Coffman Media

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