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Top Media Players For Digital Signage Revisited

Posted by Nikki Ault on Jul 7, 2017 9:38:54 AM

update.pngFlashback to last year:  We shared our thoughts on the Top 6 Digital Media Players for running digital signage.  You know, the driving force behind the content that you want to share with your audience.  

As a leading signage solutions integrator, we (Coffman Media) only partner with the best hardware and software solutions companies to ensure a seamless, scalable integration for you.  Companies such as Signagelive, Google, Samsung, and IAdea are just a few of those partners.  

With the constant advancements in technology, it's time to modify the top media players for digital signage list just so slightly.  There have been some exciting things happen in the world of media players and we wanted to make sure we mentioned them.  

Top Media Players (Updated)

Samsung Smart Digital Displays:  With their smart chip technology integrated into their samsung smart signage platformdisplays, Samsung Smart displays made our first list.  These commercial displays range in size from 10" to 82."  

The difference now, is that Signagelive, has been working with Samsung's Headquarters in Korea and released support for the Samsung Tizen-powered display offering more power and performance at the same price.  

When compared with alternative solutions it actually offers a 50% cost reduction in the purchase and running of digital signage when the display is combined with Signagelive's software.

LG WebOSLG WebOS Displays:  Another system on chip technology display that meets commercial needs from 22" to 98".  The LG WebOS' offers the same key features as mentioned in our last article with the addition of Remote Firmware Updates coming soon.  

Signagelive for Philips Android SoC (a new one from the first list):  This system on chipPhilips Android SoC technology display also includes the Android Operating System.  Some key features include: full Signagelive media player; images, videos, and HTML5 web page support; 100% scheduling support; Remote application updates; Widget support; Web trigger support for event driven content playback and offline playback.  

BrightSign_series_3.jpgBrightSign (also an addition from the first list):  Signagelive has collaborated with BrightSign Series 3 media players to enable simple management and publishing of images, videos, HTML5 content.  Key features include:  full-screen and multi-zone layout support; landscape and portrait support; offline playback of media; videos, images, RSS Feeds, webpages; remote updates, and reports.  

Asus-Chromebit-Mini-PC.jpegSignagelive for Google Chrome:  Turn your Chromebox, Chromebit, or Chromebase device into a digital signage media player.  You can get more details on this cost effective solution here.  

IAdea Players and Displays:  These are non-PC HD and 4K devices with an integrated player in 10" to 24".  These cost effective devices IAdea_logo-300x205.pngoffer the latest in interactive applications and can be triggered by motion and can be multi-touch.  These devices are available globally and are given a thumbs up in our book. 

Viewsonic NMP-302W:  This reliable messaging device offers solutions for retail, hospitality, point-of-sale advertising, and education viewsonic NMP-302Wenvironments.  This network media player offers 1080p multimedia playback on large format displays.  Features include supporting the latest HTML5 and SMIL standards, auto reboot for system outages for continuous playback, integrated 8gb of memory, and built-in wireless connectivity.

Windows PC (X4-1800 Player):  This Seneca Data PC product is windows pccompact in size, high performance, single output media player.  It even comes preloaded withSignagelive software.  Win-Win on the Windows PC X4-1800 Player.

The New Offering

What could be better than all of these fabulous options for media players?  All of these fabulous options for media players...that are included in a bundle!

digital signage bundlesCoffman Media has decided to make the process for signage solutions as simple as possible.  Let's say you already have the displays and just need the player, software, and content.

Our bundles offer the best signage solutions and less headache in trying to choose between all of the many different solutions out there.  

We also give you the opportunity to add on additional services to our bundles, giving you the ability to customize where you need to.  These scalable solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your specific market while making the process simple. 

To obtain your free consultation, or for more information about our new digital signage bundles, click the blue button below! 

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