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Two Important Uses for Digital Signage on College Campuses

Posted by Jason Ault on Feb 11, 2015 1:55:15 PM

Two Important Uses for Digital Signage on College CampusesThe millennial generation was raised on digital media.  On college and university campuses the use of digital signage is rapidly becoming the go-to way of communicating with students, staff and teachers on campuses across the country.  Students are very media savvy.


Our new language is visual, evolving faster than our spoken words.  Humans process images faster than they do words.  This means that digital signage is a powerful way to get a message delivered quickly, especially when that message includes moving images.  The human brain notices motion, and sensory information is taken in rapidly.


This affords many opportunities for signage to communicate not only maps, class schedules, emergency procedures and social activities, but recognition of school donors.  Alumni who have contributed monetarily or by supporting school sports teams, orchestras, social/educational clubs and sororities/fraternities can be acknowledged in a very public way.   Also, Alumni foundations looking for new ways to connect with younger generations are making use of this medium.


Another way higher education is making use of digital signage is in the recruitment department.  This medium allows schools to showcase the history of the school as well as being a great way to make the school stand out among its rivals.  Recruiting is more competitive than ever.  Making the institution stand out is vital, and this medium gives schools the means to do that.  Schools can display campus life to prospective students and their parents in a way that is exciting and informative.

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